From Superintendent John Stockton: Final request for voters to say yes to Measure G

This is from John Stockton, superintendent of the Acalanes Union High School District, which covers Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, three other high schools in Lamorinda, one continuation high school, and a well-regarded adult education program. He explains why he believes that permanently extending the $189 per parcel tax is essential to maintaining the schools’ high level of quality. Yes, as many of us know, the Acalanes district high schools consistently rank among the top high schools in the Bay Area.

Measure G – What a “Yes” Vote Provides

With Election Day upon us, it is important to reflect upon the value of the Acalanes Union High School District parcel tax in regards to the educational excellence it provides to all students. The current $189 parcel tax generates approximately $6.7 million primarily to core and elective curricular student course offerings.
The AUHSD parcel tax pays for over 70 full-time teaching positions. This equates to in excess of 350 class sections of student course offerings. The average AUHSD high school has 69 full-time teaching positions. In essence, the current parcel tax pays for the teaching staff at one of the four comprehensive high schools.
Over the last several years, many districts have greatly increased class sizes and consolidated programs. The AUHSD parcel tax has buffered our students from extreme alternatives, which have been faced by other districts and will be faced by all districts next year. Sacramento has offered no signs of relief for California public schools. Local support is the best protection for any district’s desire for quality education.

Many parent, civic, and K-8 school district organizations have provided great support and encouragement for Measure G during the last several months. Such sincere interest by concerned citizens promoting educational excellence has helped make the Acalanes Union High School District a nationally recognized learning community. If you have not already voted, please remember to cast your ballot tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “From Superintendent John Stockton: Final request for voters to say yes to Measure G

  1. Madame Zorba predicts that the District (or some well-intentioned citizen) will be asking for even more money next year – – whether Measure G passes or not.
    If G does NOT pass, a new Measure will absolutely find it's way onto the ballot. My crystal ball says that the future measure will be for an amount higher than $189 – – as punishment for not passing G ????
    Even if G passes, the district still faces cutbacks. They will threaten to increase class size or threaten to cut music/choral program, and thus a new 2010 Measure will be introduced asking for more funds.
    Folks who think that a Yes vote on G makes everything all better, and that it merely continues the current parcel tax will be surprised, but not Madame Zorba.
    Remember this prediction.

    The real question to ask is why the district (or whoever the entity is) didn't request a more realistic and slightly higher amount in the first place. Oh yeah, because then proponents couldn't claim that Measure G is merely a continuation of current tax, not a “new” tax — even though it is a new tax, with no expiration date.
    This reminds Madame Zorba of the recent 1 cent postage increase. How stupid was that.
    Why not ask for the real amount fairly and up-front? Madame Zorba is tired of going to the polls!!


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