Tuesday election endorsements

No, not from me but from a more “reputable” sources, the Contra Costa Times and the San Francisco Chronicle:

Congressional District 10: Both newspapers give a thumbs up to Lt. John Garamendi. The Times says: “Garamendi’s long record of service in public office makes him the best choice to represent residents in the district stretching from Fairfield through much of Contra Costa and into Livermore.”

Walnut Creek’s Measure I (what I’m calling the Neiman Marcus measure, even though, yes, I know, the intiative officially doesn’t guarantee Neiman Marcus coming to Broadway Plaza, just a new department store): The Times says Yes.
Acalanes Union High School District’s Measure G: The Times says Yes, because the district would be devastated if its $189 per parcel tax is not extended.

Walnut Creek School District’s Measure H: The Times says Yes, because this extension of the $82 per parcel tax “is more critical than ever for operations.”

14 thoughts on “Tuesday election endorsements

  1. The Editorial Board at the CCTimes never ceases to amaze me.

    Endorsing Garamendi – “long record of service in public office” – isn't that the very thing that the Times has been railing against in recent months in relation to huge and multiple retirement benefits enjoyed by “public servants”? Now that Garamendi has State retirement benefits, let's compound the problem by giving him Federal benefits as well? For that reason alone, I will not vote for Garamendi, a man who has had a very nice income over the years at the public's expense and will enjoy his retirement thanks to us.

    Acalanes Measure G – if memory serves me correctly, wasn't the Times recently very critical of the financial antics of the Acalanes Board's handling of the money garnered by the current tax? Seems they didn't like the constant re-investment of tax dollars that cost the citizens millions in extra fees. I will also vote NO on this issue if for nothing more than to send a message to those in charge that their sworn duty is to protect the funds they are responsible for.

    Think for yourself folks and do not blindly follow the opinions of others. Your right to vote is too precious to entrust to people who make their money by giving opinions.


  2. You say, “…from a more “reputable” sources,”

    Does this mean you are a less reputable source?

    (Hint, the answer is yes.)


  3. Garamendi – NO WAY – who wants to vote for another liberal – let's tax them into oblivion – career politition who doesn't even live in the district.


  4. From the L.A Times, Garamendi is quoted as saying “he would resolve perennial budget stalemates through a combination of spending cuts, systemic reforms and — without apology — tax increases.”

    No thanks.


  5. Anon 9:18 sounds suspiciously like Ken Hambrick, the man against everything.

    “Think for yourself folks…” Standard semi-literate Hambrick-speak.


  6. Anon 3:17 You shouldn't have stopped with Ken, why not insult everyone who you disagree with? Rather than attacking the statement, attack the “so called” author by name…all the while, you remain anonymous. Sad.


  7. Anon 3:44,

    Shucks, and you were SO GOOD in the part!

    As Admiral Stockdale said when he was a VP candidate, I'm out of ammo on this one!

    Oh, and I was not commenting on the CD10 election. I understand that there are legitimate differences between political parties.

    The school measures continue current local funding in spite of State takeaways.


  8. I would vote for the Republican for Congress because any Democrat is just going to continue the Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending, borrowing, and piling trillions of dollars of debt on our children.


  9. W. C. Varones,

    Were you saying that when Bush was leveraging our children's futures for two unjust and wars and Bush/Cheney dithered about Afghanistan. Look at the clusterf*ck they left us (including a huge debt that could have paid for healthcare in this country).

    Harmer won't win. Partly because he's a strict religious Mormon and folks around here don't like the out-of-CA Mormons influenced the Prop 8 vote. Second, this district has probably twice as many Dems as Repubs. We just don't share Harmer's values. Harmer is anti-woman, anti-choice, pro-voucher. I can't think of anything that he would have in common with most CD 10 voters.


  10. I can not wait for these elections to be over! I am so tired of:

    1) Receiving Vote for Measure I flyers. I find myself throwing out an average of 2 to 3 flyers per day. What a waste of resources!

    2) Receiving pre-recorded calls during my dinner/relaxation hours from Mr. Harmer.

    3) Suffering unnecessary traffic jams on California 24 due to Mr. Harmer's supporters. It is very selfish of these people to think it is perfectly OK to distract drivers by holding up Vote for Harmer signs during peak rush hours off of freeway overpasses. Yes, I'm referring to you crazies on Dolores Drive in Lafayette who stand their and hold up your signs everyday between 4:30 and 5:00. You endanger our lives for the sake of this man. Your message is clear: Drivers, Risk your lives – Vote Harmer.


  11. I almost lost control of my vehicle being blinded by a roadside Garamendi sign. Let's get ride of all the signs and for that matter all the candidates.


  12. Were you saying that when Bush was leveraging our children's futures for two unjust and wars and Bush/Cheney dithered about Afghanistan. Look at the clusterf*ck they left us (including a huge debt that could have paid for healthcare in this country).

    Actually, yes I was screaming about the Bush deficits. But Obama/Pelosi make Bush look like a minor leaguer.

    Bush and the Republicans sucked, and we threw their asses out. Now Obama and the Democrats suck, and we need to throw their asses out.


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