Walnut Creek dentist to pay kids for their Halloween candy and send the sweets to troops overseas

Your kids don’t need to eat all that candy they haul in tonight, do they?

(And, us Moms, don’t need it around either, do we? Come on, confess! How many times have you dipped into your kids’ Halloween stash for that mini Snickers or the bag of peanut M&Ms–or whatever your candy poison is…)

Dentist Julie Greenlaw-O’Toole is offering kids $1 per pound of their trick-or-treat candy, and she will then box up the candy and send it to troops serving overseas. Greenlaw-O’Toole says this is the second year she’s done the buyback program.

(A tangent: Did you know that $2.3 billion in Halloween candy was expected to be sold in the past week? Or 600 million pounds? )

Back Dr. Greenlaw-O’Toole’s sweet, worthwhile deal: Her Halloween buyback program takes place at her office 3 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, and is for kids younger than 12. Kids can also write a personal note to include in the box of candy sent.

Her office is at 1479 Ygnacio Valley Road, No. 203. For more information, call her office at (925) 934-1340.

3 thoughts on “Walnut Creek dentist to pay kids for their Halloween candy and send the sweets to troops overseas

  1. There are many healthy alternatives to candy. You can try sealed packages of dried fruit. Has anyone tried Sunsweet Ones: Dried Plums?

    Candy is ok if it is a once in a while treat. The problem with candy is that many candies contain artificial colors that cause ADD. Don't let your children suffer the pain of ADD. Reach for some healthy snacks instead. Walgreens has packages of dried peaches and they are a wonderful snack.

    Fruit is nature's candy.


  2. Anonymous 4:18,
    Your intentions are really good, and you are probably a stronger, more well-balanced parent than I am, but I can tell you that any house passing out packages of dried plums would be in for a trick.

    I say this as a former kid myself, and as a mom listening to my son and his friends rate the treats passed out at various houses.

    Also there was the time I tried to serve healthy granola bars as a post-game snack at my son's soccer games. The kids were not receptive and passed them up. Of course, my son, who has a remarkable ability to hold grudges against me for all my maternal sins, never tires of bringing this up.

    Maybe this is that occasional time when candy is an OK treat. Not just for kids, but for Moms as well 🙂


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