Think Tuesday’s winds wreaked havoc on the Bay Bridge? Check out the storm damage on South Main Street!

One of Walnut Creek’s own, Pavel Soltys, sent in these photos, showing one of the ways our own downtown was affected by the same windstorm that is implicated in Tuesday evening’s damage to the Bay Bridge’s eastern span. The San Francisco Chronicle says that “high winds” caused a steel crossbeam and two steel tie rods to snap off and fall to the upper deck.

As you know, this damage and the subsequent attempts to repair it have forced the closure of the Bay Bridge, at least through tomorrow.

But, Walnut Creek suffered its own share of windstorm damage and transportation hell Tuesday evening, besides the downed tree branch shown in these photos. Power outages, believed to have been caused by high winds, affected traffic signals along Ygnacio Valley Boulevard.

By the way, Pavel, works with a company called Comfort Assisting, a local company that provides professional in-home adult care services. I’m sure that’s a kind of service that some of us might one day need to rely on for our parents or relatives–or, one day, for ourselves. Anyway, Pavel, thanks for sharing these very cool photos!

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