Persian restaurant to open in former Tin’s Tea House spot

Our one-time source for great Dim Sum closed last April. Passing by the former Tin’s space on Mt. Diablo Boulevard today, I see a sign for new restaurant, Alborz Persian Cuisine, is set to open.

The restaurant looks like it is still undergoing renovations…

There are several Alborz Persian Cuisines that pop up if you Google the name, including one in Austin, Texas, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

Whether Walnut Creek’s Alborz is part of a chain, get ready for kebabs, eggplant appetizers, saffron-tinted rice, and stews.

I’m getting hungry writing this.

11 thoughts on “Persian restaurant to open in former Tin’s Tea House spot

  1. The one thing that bugs me immensely about middle eastern/greek food is that it is so dry.

    They should all have a yogurt based sauce and a garlic butter sauce so you can dip your kabobs a little – maybe also a chili-based spicy one.

    They should offer it just like Indian restaurants offer a three sauce tray.


  2. We really miss Tin's also.

    Last time we were at Tin's just before they closed they said they were looking for a new location. Has anyone heard if it might be reopening anywhere?


  3. Great, nice to see. I look forward to trying it. I do miss Tin's, hopefully they will re-open in a new WC site. Good time to sign a new lease.


  4. I was thinking that the big empty space opposite Trader Joe's would be a great fit.

    As a business owner myself I know that even though this is a good time to sign a lease, it's a lousy time to be getting financing…even for small businesses with proven track records. Don't believe what the banks are telling you about “loosening” credit. The strings they're attaching to their terms pretty much guarantee that you'll be sunk within a year.

    I do wish her all the best in the world. Heck, I'd invest seed money in starting up a new place if I had any to spare.


  5. Ooooh, a Persian restaurant! I'm excited to read this; it's terrific to have a diversity of choices nearby.

    I've been meaning to try Alborz in downtown Berkeley and will be curious to find out how good the one opening up in our area is.

    I read an interesting review of the Berkeley location on sfgate; te article also gave some tips on some otherwise unexplained mysteries among the food offerings.


  6. From Anonymous 9:25 –

    maybe, I don't go to any of them anymore as everyone of them was like that, so – – to pose it another way – perhaps they should elevate their service and offer some sauces, so that people who are used to sauces with their meals might come back for a second meal.


  7. a few times i've been to Tin's i was pretty let down and a bit disgusted, one incident being:

    upon making a trip to the ladies room i had exited a stall at the same time a worker had exited her stll.. i of course walked to the sink..SHE DID NOT.

    i brought it up to the manager. a few other times i had seen a few other waitresses do this as well..

    its pretty gross and filthy.

    food wise.. they were better but towards their closing they started to falter.

    Alborz is pretty good. I've been to the berkeley restaurant several times. the food is always fresh and not at all dry.


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