Armed robbery at 7-Eleven near Back 40 Restaurant

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department says that two robbers with guns held up the 7-Eleven in the 3100 block of Oak Road, in unincorporated Walnut Creek, early Friday morning.

Here are more details from Sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee:
Two suspects with handguns entered the store and ordered the clerk to the floor. The suspects took some cash and some items from the store. It was unknown which direction they fled and whether or not a vehicle was used. The race of the suspects is unknown as they were wearing masks. They were wearing dark clothing. No one was injured, and a security tape is being reviewed.

2 thoughts on “Armed robbery at 7-Eleven near Back 40 Restaurant

  1. People are very stupid to rob 7-Eleven stores. They purposely keep very little cash in the register at night. They use a very secure drop safe system where cash is dropped into a safe and cannot be accessed.

    People use credit cards most of the time, so little cash is ever needed.

    A robber will not get away with much from a 7-Eleven. It is just stupid to rob a store for a few bags of chips.


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