Yet another drug store robbery; more Oxycodone stolen

A man holding a weapon that apparently looked similar to a machine gun held up a pharmacy in the Ygnacio Valley Shopping Center at Oak Grove Road and Treat Boulevard this afternoon, the Mayor of Claycord is reporting.

There is no word on whether this robbery, just after 4 p.m. at the Oak Grove Pharmacy, is connected to two other drug store robberies, September 23 and October 9, in Walnut Creek. In both those cases, no weapon was seen–although in the October 9 case at Walgreens on North Main Street, the robber said he had a gun. In the September 23 robbery at Safeway on South Broadway, the robber handed the pharmacist a note, demanding Oxycodone and Norco, and made off with five bottles of medication.

There are two suspects in today’s heist, the Mayor says. One was a white male adult with a gray hooded sweatshirt and a ski mast with tape on it. He fled to a getaway vehicle, with unknown plates, driven by a white female adult with black hair. The suspects got away with Oxycodone.

6 thoughts on “Yet another drug store robbery; more Oxycodone stolen

  1. So, what was that about people being afraid of crime around the new pot club? What about crime around pharmacies? Maybe we should outlaw them.


  2. Is this the second or third such instance? Pharmacies in the area should start dressing up some dummy pill bottles and give them to the robbers.


  3. 6:47

    No, we change the law to allow cannibis to be distributed in pharmacies. This way we don't need an entirely new state bureaucracy for pot club oversight (e.g. permitting, inspectors, security review, signage etc.) to be paid for by us tax payers.


  4. Pharmacies are regulated federally, so if you can change that law to make it happen I would be entirely grateful. I have spent a decade trying to get it done. It is funny that people worry about these dangers when it is cannabis, but most do not bat an eye when it is a pharmacy (or three) being robbed down the street from their homes. What gives?


  5. It is too bad the pharmacy techs that were robbed “at gun point” did not have their own guns. Anybody that threatens a human life in exchange for material goods needs to be shot.


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