Jaycee Dugard, as she is now, on the cover of People

The Mayor of Claycord came across this People magazine exclusive:

Kidnap Survivor Jaycee Dugard Emerges from the Shadows, and with a more recent photo of her on the cover. You can see it here.

According to People, “Dugard is now living in seclusion with her mom, Terry Probyn, 50, and the two daughters – Angel, 15, and Starlit, 11 – fathered by her alleged kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, Dugard, 29, has begun the slow process of recovery. She rides horses, cooks meals and is thinking of collaborating on a book.”

People says, you can read much more about her life, “including stunning photographs of her family, details of her reunion with the sister she hadn’t seen since 1991 and her deepening bond with her mother–pick up the new issue of People, on newsstands Friday.”
However, Dugard was not interviewed for the article. Rather, according to MSNBC, people close to her spoke at length about her rehabilitation and that of her two daughters. The 10-page article is accompanied by many pictures of Dugard and her mother. Dugard’s daughters are shown only from the back.
As for whether Dugard received money for allowing herself or her family to be photographed? People’s managing editor, Larry Hackett, when asked by Today‘s Matt Lauer, declined to discuss those details, although he admitted the magazine had paid for photos in the past. These photos were taken by a private photographer engaged by the family
So, it looks like People didn’t beat Oprah “I want Jaycee Dugard” Winfrey to the Jaycee interview. She still has a chance at her own exclusive.
But speaking of Oprah, the two UC Berkeley police employees, one from Brentwood and one from San Ramon, who helped discover Dugard, after her 18 years of captivity, were on Oprah’s show yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Jaycee Dugard, as she is now, on the cover of People

  1. If the family gets money from the magazine interview and if it benefits Jaycee and her daughters in any way, big or small, I say: Go for it. Just so long as it benefits her and the girls. Ditto for any future interviews or book deals (though I doubt I can sit through an Oprah interview of her; I never did get the allure of that show, and I'm probably considered to be in her prime demographics).


  2. not sure I am happy for her in terms of giving up her privacy, but right, should it secure her future, then there is a flip side to that which can not be denied…


  3. Now that her “current” picture is out there… I wonder if anyone is recognizing here from being out in public the few times she may have been. I could only imagine how agonizing that could be to think you could have saved her in some way.

    I wish her and her daughters the best. It sounds like her family is really being a supportive bunch, which is very very very helpful.


  4. It was probably smart of her and her family to release these photos, give the public and the media pack something, so maybe they will back off for a while and let them have some peace.


  5. I thought that Jaycee may have wanted to 'come out.' She's been discussed in the third person in the media since she was discovered. There have been psych evaluations by shrinks who have never met her. And, just all sorts of things. She has access to TV, radio and newspapers.

    Maybe this is her way of showing the world that she's OK. Maybe it's cathartic for her in some way.

    If this is the case, I support her wholeheartedly.

    I wish Jaycee, her daughters, and the rest of her family the best of luck, and I hope they come to terms with their past and have a loving and fruitful future.


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