Men in Speedos? Depends. Teen-age boys? At a suburban public intersection? Many questions to ponder

UPDATE: Principal John McMorris got back to me. Maybe he wishes these students would just keep their clothes on and not get all us cranky grown-ups (envious of their free-spirited youth, no doubt) all upset anymore about their car washes! Anyway he said:

“Thank you for this information. We met with the cheer team and discussed this, it is now obvious we need to meet with all coaches. We will get the message out.”

BACK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY: Those Northgate kids apparently were at it again (right in a photo by Radar, posted on A few of them were out this past weekend, at a major intersection in Walnut Creek, donning nothing but tiny swim suits to show off their trim, athletic bods, and to presumably entice motorists to buy their, uh–carwash–services.

It’s been all over Claycord and Mister Writer the past few days, how some Northgate students were once again, flashing some flesh while holding a car wash to raise money for their extra-curricular organization. This time, according to the Mayor of Claycord, it was a fundraiser for the boys’ water polo team. But once again, some members of an organization were trying to lure motorists in to their car wash by standing on the street corner, holding up signs while dressed in–not much at all.

In some ways, these boys were even more stripped down than a few of the cheerleaders apparently were during the last controversial car wash, put on by Northgate students.

So, I’m mulling some vexing questions over what is proving to be the latest suburban scandale–a controversy of such civic import that it might soon be coming to a TV news broadcast near you!

1. Okay, back in early September, Northgate’s principal, John McMorris told me that students at school fundraisers must adhere to a dress code. He said the previous controversial car wash– involving, according to Mister Writer, teen girls in bikini tops and short shorts holding signs and calling out to motorists–had prompted discussion regarding “appropriate behavior with all programs.” He said “the discussion is that all students will adhere to the dress code for these things, shorts, shirt, etc.”

2. So, why wasn’t this supposed new policy enforced, either by adult supervisors at the car wash or by the students themselves. Were the students, shown above in this photo, perhaps pissed off by their perception of adults going all moral and judgmental on them?

3. Were these kids, with this display, giving us cranky, puritanical bloggers and other grownups a figurative finger?

4. Meanwhile, the future of after-school sports programs in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District are in deep, deep trouble, according to a report on this blog, other news reports, and an e-mail I received by Walnut Creek City Councilman Kish Rajan. He says that “winter and spring sports are at risk of being canceled if the schools and the United Mt. Diablo Athletic Foundation are unable to raise enough money by October 27.” Rajan urges people in the community to donate money to the foundation, created specifically to keep after-schools alive at the district’s six high schools, including at Northgate.

5. Does this concern with the future of sports in the Mt. Diablo high schools at all play into this latest attention-getting effort by students to raise money for their sports program?

6. In this instance, can the students involved and those parents who condone this Speedo showcase use the excuse that it was a “really hot day” and that the kids just just wanted to strip down so they could stay cool and comfortable while they washed cars? That was one major explanation given by defenders of the Northgate cheerleaders in bikini tops–that it was a hot Saturday. Well, that is true, in that situation, back in early September. The cheerleaders were working on a weekend that fell during a heat wave. But this past weekend? Sorry, it was pretty mild, early autumn weather.

7. Finally, and, perhaps most importantly, what do you think about men in Speedos?

Okay, I’m superficial. But, I’m asking. I’m posing this question to ladies. But gents (of whatever gender identification and orientation) are free to weigh in.

Oh! But by even asking this question, I am perhaps trying to sexualize underaged males! I am such a perv, right?
As it happens, I have absolutely no “cougar” tendencies, and these boys pictured above are just a bit older than my own son. Please!

7. Let’s get back to men in Speedos… I think there is an American aversion to men in Speedos, which I must admit I share. Tiny swim suits on men: it’s more of a European male fashion statement, right? And it is one shared, unfortunately, by big German men at Greek and Southeast Asian beaches.

On the other hand, I admit what I’ll call an aesthetic admiration for the form of a healthy, red-blooded, Olympic swim champion in a tiny swim suit. I will also admit both an aesthetic–and even a carnal–admiration for that famous–or infamous–shot of actor David Duchovny in a red Speedo, emerging from a swimming pool, when starring as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder in the TV show The X-Files.

I got into watching The X-Files in reruns when I was pregnant with Soccer Son, and I developed a major crush on David Duchovny as Fox Mulder (the so-called “thinking woman’s sex symbol.”)

Anyway, I’ll end this contemplation about men and boys in Speedos with this link recently sent to me by one of my degenerate friends. It shows the famous Duchovny-in-a-red-Speedo scene. You can even watch it in slow motion!!! Ladies (and Gentlemen) enjoy.

27 thoughts on “Men in Speedos? Depends. Teen-age boys? At a suburban public intersection? Many questions to ponder

  1. Though I think speedos are ridiculous and funny, I think that there are FAR more important things to write about – like misuse of government funds, etc…


  2. who cares if they are gay?

    let them bleep whomever they want – like that matters to me… will it change anything. Just yank it out and take a picture – who cares? there is no sensual mystery anymore given the internet…

    I'd rather see more important topics though too, per “deal with adult stuff”


  3. In most of the world the vastly overweight like to shrink into bikini speedo swim wear so it can show off their big guts.


  4. Ha Ha stuff like this, and the young women at the car washes, kind of makes me laugh because it is such a poke in the eye to us “elders”.

    Every generation defines themselves sexually in some way and it usually pisses off their parents. Remember Elvis? It's a bit before my time but I remember my parents stories how their parents were appalled at “swivel hips” and how he alone would morally corrupt society. Woodstock and free love of the 60's? Same thing. Our parents, and us, lived through all that and I’d bet most of us would say our parents turned out ok and so did we. Those that didn’t had other issues going on not relative to this blog post.

    All our kids are going to decide how they choose to experience and express physicality and sexuality regardless of how we as parents think it should be done. We all just hope it’s positive for them. If it’s not then hopefully they learned the same way we learned; THAT was a mistake and I won’t do that again. But young men and women soliciting car washes in their athletic uniform? Not that big a deal. Yes a bikini is a different message but like I said youth will express themselves and is it any less appropriate at a car wash than at their local pool? Heck, at least these young adults aren’t sitting home playing Nintendo (a far worse addition to our kids lives IMO based on what I’ve seen other parents permit) but were actually trying to do something that not only benefits them but our community as well in terms of saving their sport. As for the young men or women that post in response to our opinions on the board, often with a different viewpoint… well good for them because they are defining and explaining it rather than accept our judgment. They are in effect poking us in the eye and have a right to be indignant (not disrespectful) about our interpretation of their actions.

    At some point all youth figure out how they will express their growing maturity and their sexuality, some by a conservative approach other by being more expressive about it. And don’t think that just because someone is outwardly conservative in their display that there aren’t some wild and crazy things being explored at some point, whether we as parents want to admit it or not (we might not approve of it either). I grew up as a swimmer, for 15 years I lived in a speedo, most of those years I looked pretty good in it too. I never even gave the appearance of it a second thought, I wore it because that is what you wore as a swimmer. There were no baggy swim suits like there are now. If I were 16 or 17 and swimming for Northgate I’d probably have done the same thing that these guys did.

    As adults raising kids I think we all have our moments where we think “oh my God, I have become just like my parents”. I think this is another one of those moments and our kids will experience it too.


  5. It has nothing to do with being gay. How old are you people. This was the water polo team, they wear those all the time and think nothing of it. No big deal.Grow up. Have you ever been to a swim meet or polo game? They were just being silly in their “uniforms” and obviously got all you uptight suburbian folk worked up. Once again, grow up.At least they are working for the money for their program intead of the usually complaining they are picked on and wanting a hand out.


  6. I agree. This is their uniform.
    Do you all flip out like this when Michael Phelps swims in the Olympics? Or when thes boys play water polo?

    Get over it!


  7. Left Coast,
    Great comment on young people and how they will choose to express and define their physical and sexual selves. And on how their choice might not always sit well with the older generations.


  8. To me if the principal of Northgate set a dress code and these boys blatantly defied it, then it is wrong. I have a swimmer and water polo player, they do not sit around in their speedos. They put on board shorts or gym shorts after their swim or game.

    I am sorry, but standing on a street corner is pimping and some of you think it is ok? Whatever happened to self respect? Just put on board shorts or athletic shorts, that simple.


  9. If the cheerleaders can't do it then neither can the water polo players.

    And it wasn't a question of sexuality/whatever for the cheerleaders, it was a question of class. The only way they can learn is from their parents explaining to them that class is the issue here. They will not learn from principals trying to repress them, because then they'll think they're trying to repress their sexuality. And in that case they'll rebel more.


  10. All right.. well I AM on the Northgate water polo team. I WAS on that street corner… trying to get money for a team that has been receiving Zero funding from the school district for years. Maybe if uptight pricks like you would donate some money, we wouldn’t have to come up with 1.5 million dollars by the end of December in order to keep sports in our district at all.
    -to the admin, you claim to have grown up in Walnut Creek, and gone to local schools, then why don’t you spend your time trying to help out our money starved schools?

    AND Speedos are our uniforms.. Period. You see football players and cheerleaders doing fundraisers in their uniforms, it shows team unity and lets people know what you are fundraising for. Why discriminate on us when we are simply sporting our own team uniforms.
    Your comments above are obviously the APEX of analytical mastery… Don't criticize that which you do not understand?
    Instead of posting your many insecurities on this blog why don't you come to one of our games and discuss your concerns with us face to face after the game?


  11. Stephen,

    You lost my respect and any sympathy at the word pricks. Get your facts straight too, it is a little over a million total for sports, which includes gate fees and transportation fees. I believe fundraising needs to be about $750,000.00 total. All Athlete's need to pay their contributions. Yes we have made donations and have an athlete in MDUSD, another water polo player. We have paid over $400 between water polo and our athlete contribution for polo.

    Well, were you wearing your Northgate speedo if it was your uniform? Do you have a team T-shirt? Football would not be wearing helmuts or pads, but they would wear school athletic shorts and a jersey. So just use common sense and good judgement. Just show some class, it goes a long ways.


  12. Well written Stephen, with exception perhaps of the “uptight pricks” comment, but I think I can overlook that.

    Also we do understand, but it happens that many here understand through the eyes of 40+ year old parents who love their kids and, FWIW, as I am discovering, spend a heck of a lot of money on them over the years so they can participate in sports. So it's not like we are cheap. At the root of it I'm not sure if it really is the attire that is the issue or a disagreement of judgement/decision path that leads to the choice of attire. Like I said in an earlier post though, I grew up swimming competitively for about 15 years and I did most everything in a speedo. I would have stood on a corner too and probably not thought about it a lot until someone else decided it wasn't appropriate. Welcome to life and community interaction.

    To the other parents on the board; our kids will define “class” for themselves whether we like it or not, in their dress, music and every other aspect of their lives, and Stephen does have a point if you take issue with the car wash attire and feel so strongly about it why not talk to them?


  13. ROFLCOPTER. LOOOOOOOL. BUNCH O' NUBS AND SCRUBS. Speedos are truly the garment of champions. It defines a man for what he is. Take pride in our speedo wearing overlords, and let's not all be selfish pricks and ruin their fun, eh?


  14. Anonymous October 9, 2009 8:52 AM:
    So standing on a corner in a speedo is pimping? Do you understand what pimping is? They are not selling sex, they are selling car washes. And if there wearing shorts, they would not be pimping??? I dont get it.
    Also, I dont see how anything about this carwash is anything like a figurative finger to adults. Im sure the intent was not
    “Lets wear speedos to say we rebel against the boundaries of society and we dont care what you adults think!”
    Rather, the reasoning was probably along these line: Its a car wash, so we'll be getting wet; Lets wear swimsuit aka their uniforms:Speedos.
    The intent was to raise money for their sport, not to offend anyone. They wear their speedos in and out of the pool, as it was mentioned earlier. If I was at a school car wash I would wear my jersey/unifrom for whatever sport I was a part of. Thats almost the guarantee that the money is going towards a sport. I dont see how it is inappropriate, it may not be pretty to look at, I dont really like men in speedos, but I think they should still be able to wear it, especially at a car wash.


  15. Stevie, if you are one of the dudes in the photo, nice bod dude. But dude, where's the beef. Can't see any bulge where it counts. Show a semi woody at least. I hope your partners make up for your little guy,dude.


  16. More and more teen dudes are coming out now at a fast rate. I had 2 friends in hs last year, who had sex with many jocks on the f ball team and the wrestling team. The supposedly straight jocks, gave as well as received. Even in college, I have jock friends who are gay and bi.


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