Foreclosure woes drives caretaker, or so she says, to steal from 93-year-old Rossmoor client

An Oakley woman pleaded no contest to felony financial abuse of a 93-year-old Rossmoor woman whom she had been hired to work for as a caregiver.

Teresa Bryant was sentenced in Contra Costa Superior Court to serve 60 days in county jail, to probation, and to fully repay her 93-year-old client, from whom she was accused of stealing $15,000 by forging checks. She is also barred from working as a caregiver again.

This plea deal involving Bryant was resolved earlier this month and reported in the latest Rossmoor News.
The News says that the Contra Costa District Attorney’s offered Bryant the deal because she was willing to admit guilt, and she had no criminal record. “She told the court that she forged the checks because she was facing foreclosure on her home,” the News reported.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office lists an array of ways that elderly people can suffer financial abuse at the hands of caregivers: A friend or family member gets power of attorney to “help” the dependent senior pay bills; a scam artist entices an elderly person to invest large sums of money in his amazing investment scheme; and many more.

Elderly people are also prey to other forms of abuse, including physical abuse. Here is more information about elder abuse crimes, including financial abuse, and how to report these crimes.

One thought on “Foreclosure woes drives caretaker, or so she says, to steal from 93-year-old Rossmoor client

  1. Stealing from the elderly is the lowest of the low, no matter what financial straits her so-called “caretaker” was in. What a violation of trust! This is outrageous and scary. Personally, I hope I pass away before I get to the point I need a caretaker. And I say this as someone in her 50s.


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