Buena Vista Elementary School teacher honored in Contra Costa teacher of the year ceremony

Terryann Satterfield is one of 20 public school teachers who will be honored at the 2009-10 Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year ceremony Thursday.

Contra Costa County’s Teacher of the Year will be announced Thursday, at a ceremony at Concord’s Hilton Hotel. Satterfield is being honored for her service at Walnut Creek’s Buena Vista Elementary School.

Although Satterfield is one of 20 teachers to be honored, she is not among the three finalists. Of those three, one will be named as the teacher to represent the county in the California State Teacher of the Year Program.
Those three county finalists are:

  • Mary Alexander, Pittsburg Unified School District, Marina Vista Elementary
  • Steven Ernest, Liberty Union High School District, Heritage High
  • Joell Marchese, San Ramon Valley Unifed School District, Pine Valley Middle
Here are more details about the event from the Contra Costa County Office of Education:

Close to 500 attendees will be on hand. The assembly will include the 20 nominees, plus numerous educators, business executives, and representatives of local and state government.

The evening’s entertainment will be provided by Burton ValleyElementary’s Fourth Grade Choir, directed by teacher Carol Kerr.

Joseph Ovick, Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools, will serve as master of ceremonies, as he introduces all 20 of the teachers of the year by sharing “a special story from his classroom visits with each teacher.” Each of the three finalists, who will be introduced by a former student, will give a speech. The night comes to a close with the announcement of the 2009-2010 Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year.

With regard to Satterfield, she started teaching in 1985 and has apparently taught all over the world, “but Buena Vista is where her heart is,” the school’s principal Heather Duncan said.

“She understands how students learn and is a forward thinker,” Duncan said. “No one has more strategies for teaching reading than Ms. Satterfield.”

3 thoughts on “Buena Vista Elementary School teacher honored in Contra Costa teacher of the year ceremony

  1. Outstanding!

    I had two teachers when I was growing up that were extraordinary like this. I learned more from their committment to education than I did about chemistry and biology.

    In the pursuit of their craft, they were excellent role models for me. Wish she were at Foothill with my kids.


  2. Further evidence that the WCSD rocks! My child goes to Murwood, and we could not be happier with all of the staff there!!! Off the top of my head I can think of at least four teachers at Murwood who could easily be the teacher of the year!


  3. I'd like to nominate Lisa Levinthal at Parkmead Elementary. My child's favorite teacher of all time. Smart, caring, insightful.


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