Jaycee apparently says: Garrido didn’t molest my daughters

This is one key question many of us have wondered about but have probably thought too indelicate to ask, at least publicly. After all, we’re wondering about a pretty horrific possibility, whether accused kidnapper and rapist Phillip Garrido also molested the two daughters, 11 and 15, that he fathered with his alleged victim and hostage of 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Apparently, he didn’t.

“She’s saying he didn’t touch her kids,” says one law enforcement source who is following the investigation. This news is according to the Matier & Ross column in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle.

Garrido and his wife Nancy are suspected of housing Jaycee Dugard, now 29, and her daughters in a hidden lair of tents and sheds in the back of their large property in unincorporated Antioch. During her entire captivity, which started when she was kidnapped at age 11 from her South Lake Tahoe home in June 1991, Dugard never went to school or saw a doctor. This includes when she became pregnant as a young teenager with her two daughters, and when she gave birth to them.

Both Garridos have been charged with raping Dugard. But according to Matier and Ross, “Dugard is telling authorities that Phillip Garrido ‘hadn’t touched her in years,’ one source says.”

3 thoughts on “Jaycee apparently says: Garrido didn’t molest my daughters

  1. It's some comfort if the two daughters were never molested by Garrido, but they still lived an isolated, controlled existence under the thumb of a decidedly bizarre couple (the Garridos), and now they face a life of realizing their father is a psychopath and that they were the product of the rapes of their mother when she was but a child herself. What a way to start a life!


  2. On a related note, investigators tell sfgate the “pigsty” photos of the Garrido property are somewhat misleading, that the property was kept fairly neat, and that the photos looked so bad partly because they were taken after the place had been turned upside-down by investigators.

    I mention this NOT to give the Garridos any credit (I don't give Good Housekeeping medals to kidnappers and rapists!), but because the photos were so widely circulated and gave the impression that everyone was living in squalor, which may not be the case.

    Here's the article:


  3. This is precisley the kind of brainwashing you would expect to be perpetrated on Jaycee as Garrido's tragic captive since the age of 11 and for 18 years. But wholy and completely unbelievable as is everything else he brainwashed the child with – from the age of 11- for 18 years. There would obviously be in Jaycee's mind – no rescue. There would be no doubt in my mind his wife would have access and knowledge of drugs which no doubt would have been used on Jaycee and her two daughters. Garrido is a psychopath and so is his wife. They are both completyely capable – obviously!- of pathological lying to suit their own needs – obviously!. They live in a complete fantasy. The fantasy of a narcisstic psychopathic peadophile and murderer. Apparently Garrido is 6ft 4inches – if this is true – add that to his psychological profile? and the abuses Jaycee suffered? terrifying for anyone let alone a kidnapped child! His 24 year old first known victim that he went to jail for – lived in terror for 20 years! and her ordeal was 12 hours. Jaycee – 18 years and no chance of rescue? think how every day felt to Jaycee as an 11 year old? This went on for 18 years?


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