10 thoughts on “Thunder, lightning, rain: Oh my!

  1. Anon 8:29: Thanks for the spelling correction.

    Yes, what a sweet sound and a great way for autumn to roll in. Still cloudy out. Maybe this weather will hang in for much of the day. I wouldn't mind. My son was very excited this morning. Like me, he loves the rain.


  2. Was going to go to an exercise class, but decided I wanted to be outside and to go running instead, over around Walnut Boulevard and San Miguel. A nice breeze, a few more rain drops, the smell of the wet pavement and the wet oak leaves. Looks like it might last for a while today!

    BTW, lots of garage sales over on that side of town. On Walnut Boulevard and Mountain View Boulevard. Check it out!


  3. Woke up to what I thought was an explosion and my dog barking. The sky lit up and I thought I was a kid back in St. lois, MO. I have never experienced this type of strong and powerful bursts and flashes in California. It was a rare and thrilling treat (after i realized we were not under attack.)


  4. Oh, I'm envious of those that got the rain. I don't think the rain hit my area — or maybe I just didn't realize it, though I sure heard the thunder while I was up late watching TV.

    (my two West Coast cats hate the thunder, but, having spent my childhood in the Midwest, I have times when I miss a good cracking thunderstorm, the look of the lightning, the trees whipping up, the sudden rush of rain. In fact, when I moved to the Bay Area 25 years ago, I didn't initially realize that a storm here doesn't automatically bring a cool-off the way it does in the Midwest. Of course, I then learned it all depends on whether the storms are from Mexico or Hawaii.)

    What time did folks get the rain?


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