Another dead squirrel. Clumsy creature loses his life while sparking fire near Rossmoor

UPDATE: Squirrel photo!

Sorry, it’s not the fire-starting squirrel of today’s Rossmoor-area conflagration–in happier times. It’s just a photo of a regular old fox squirrel, the kind that I understand (I’m no naturalist) that scamper and chatter across our East Bay suburban lawns, up and down our oak trees, and over our power lines.

Sorry, but dead squirrels are a bit of an interest–or, dare I say–obsession of mine–given that one of my first musings on this blog had to do with what seemed like an alarming incidence of dead squirrel sightings around my neighborhood.


A two-alarm blaze near Rossmoor this morning was caused by a squirrel. The little guy apparently became entangled in a power line and sparked the wildfire at about 9:30 a.m. that burned in a remote canyon in the hills between Walnut Creek and Lafayette.

The blaze was quickly contained and did not threaten any homes or force any evacuations, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports that two firefighters were injured: one with an ankle injury, the other with a hurt knee. The power line entanglement also causes an unspecified number of PG&E customers to lose electricity.
Meanwhile, yes, the squirrel died.

7 thoughts on “Another dead squirrel. Clumsy creature loses his life while sparking fire near Rossmoor

  1. I am so glad you posted this. I could see the plume of smoke, because I live close by, and I tried to find out what was going on, as the helicopters where circling around, with those water buckets!1 Poor little squirrel 😦 And of course poor fire fighters!!


  2. Yummy, nothing like picking fried squirrel out of your teeth.

    And for all you PETA lovers yes it is murder…..sweet delicious, succulent murder.


  3. Feed the squirrels to the hawks and owls of the world….the only reason there are so many around is that birds of prey are endagered…remember ladies they ARE rodents….


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