Yes, it was Joan Buchanan, and I voted! Did you?

Applause! Applause to Anon. August 30, 5:23 p.m. and Amy! You guessed it. Yes, it was Joan Buchanan, whom I spied at Whole Foods in Walnut Creek around noon on Saturday, shopping for groceries and wheeling out a platter of fresh cut fruit.
Didn’t want to say, until late today, who this mystery candidate/shopper was. Didn’t want anything I wrote (Yeah, right!) to prejudice your vote one way or the other in this hotly contested race. Buchanan, the recently elected state Assemblywoman and Alamo Democrat, is one of 14 candidates vying to replace Ellen Tauscher as U.S. Representative in the 10th Congressional District.
The top vote-getter in each party today moves onto the ballot for the November 3 election. That is, unless one of the 14 gains the majority of all the votes cast. Then that lucky politician becomes Tauscher’s replacement in Washington D.C.–and we don’t have to do this all again in November.

Anyway, I just went to my local precinct and voted. In and out. Just like that. And I received one of my special stickers!

5 thoughts on “Yes, it was Joan Buchanan, and I voted! Did you?

  1. Yes I did, but at least in my case Contra Costa County could hardly have done a better job trying to stop me from voting.

    I tried to vote on my way home from work, I grabbed in the morning my envelope with the information and when I checked more carefully I noticed my polling place for the first time ever for me was Murwood Elementary School at 2050 Vanderslice Ave. I had to make several calls to friends and to find out that the cross road was Rudegear. So I turn from Rudgear into Vanderslice looking for 2050. I see the even number on the right side the odd numbers on the left side. Easy enough. I find 2070 and then the next house 2032 on the right side, no 2050 and no school at all. I park my car and walk around but I just can't find 2050. Finally I manage to flag down a resident who is kind enough to direct me in the right direction. Turns out 2050 is past 2001 arround a sharp bend on the left side of the street.

    Now I understand that the county wants to save money and did consolidate some polling places but how hard would it have been to include a map with the sample ballot at least for the ones who are asked to go to a polling place quite a bit away from their usual place? Or how hard would it have been to put up a a few signs along the street. Every real estate agent is capable to do so?


  2. Anon 6:53- How hard would it have been to Google directions or look for an American Flag that flies in front of a polling place for a clue (you were on the street)? I assume that you spent as much time studying the candidates in the sample ballot as you did making preparations to find out where you were going to vote. Again the government failed you. They only gave you an address and not a map. I'm sure it's Obama's fault!


  3. Anon 11:01 I was in my car leaving work when I figured out the new polling place. Why would you make assumptions about me studying the candidates, because I had not closely looked for the polling place information in the sample ballot? And there was no flag to be seen from the area between 2032 and 2070, where most people would expect 2050 to be.

    And lastly why would you think that I'm blaming Obama for that? You have no idea about my political background, but if you need to know my vote actually went to Anthony Woods.


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