Get ready to vote in Tuesday’s special primary election

Don’t pull a Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, or even Soccer Mom in the May 19 special election and not vote tomorrow. Don’t contribute to what the Contra Costa Times Lisa Vorderbrueggen says is expected to be a “very light turnout,” of what could be only 38 percent, according to Contra Costa County elections chief Steve Weir.

Here is Crazy in Suburbia’s handy-dandy guide to the candidates, and I’ve added the above photo of the bizarrely shaped 10th congressional district (amoeba on steroids?) so you can get a picture of whether you need to vote.

And, according to Vorderbrueggen, tomorrow’s election is not likely to produce a new U.S. Representative to replace Ellen Tauscher. The top vote-getters from each party tomorrow will face each other in a November 3 runoff, unless one candidate receives a majority of the vote. With 14 candidates vying in a red-hot race, it’s not likely that any one candidate will win a majority.

But you never know!

2 thoughts on “Get ready to vote in Tuesday’s special primary election

  1. I honestly love voting. My grandmother didn't always have the right to vote, and she always reinforced to me that it's not just a right, it's an civic duty. I don't remember every election, but I'd be surprised if I've ever missed an election, no matter how small.


  2. There is no excuse NOT to vote.

    If you don't vote, done complain about the results after the election as you have given up your right to participate.

    If anyone feels that they are too stressed out with jobs, kids, etc. to get to the polls then becom a “permanent absentee voter” and receive your ballot by mail each election. Can't get much easier than that.

    If you thinks that you are too stressed out with jobs, kids, etc. please stop to remember that many have died and will continue to die to preserve your right to vote. The least you can do is honor those who have fallen to you by exercising that right.


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