Middle school starts tomorrow! And can I call myself "Soccer Mom" if son’s gonna do golf–not play soccer–this fall?

I guess we’re prepared for my son’s first day of middle school tomorrow.

PE uniform washed … Check … School supplies and planner purchased … Check … Banana bread for snack baked … Check … Walk-through of campus so he knows where his homeroom is … Well, kinda.
He did something of a walk-through last week at orientation. I offered to take him today, but he gave me that tween boy-are-you-kidding-I’ve-got-this-covered look. Besides, today he was immersed in playing his new Batman Arkham Asylum X-Box game.

By the way, we picked up the game at GameStop in Pleasant Hill precisely at 10 a.m. today. We did miss the big midnight release several hours earlier. According to the store manager, lots of people turned up, dressed in Batman character costumes, including a guy who was channeling Michael Keaton’s version of Batman.

Anyway, it’s my son’s last day of summer vacation, so I figure he can spend it chilling it. He’s playing what he declares the “best game ever.” Meanwhile, I’ve been on one of my work-furlough days, and watching my son delight in his new Batman Arkham Asylum game.

The graphics are pretty cool.
I guess I’m trying to take my mind off my big quandry: the fact that he has chosen not to do soccer this fall season. And instead take golf lessons.
He got hooked on golf during two weeks at Walnut Creek Sports Camp. He took morning classes with Dave DeLong at Boundary Oak Golf Course. My son was adamant about continuing the golf lessons in the fall after school, which would mean bypassing soccer.

Actually, he’s done soccer for the past six fall seasons. Maybe time for something new? And he caught the golf bug pretty strongly. …
So, that means (: my husband, son, and I have our Saturdays free. But, alas, it also means that he is not Soccer Son. At least for now. And, if he’s not Soccer Son, does that mean I cannot be Soccer Mom?

These kids! With their own ideas of what activities they want to pursue, and no sensitivity to how it will affect, say, a parent’s blogging identity.

4 thoughts on “Middle school starts tomorrow! And can I call myself "Soccer Mom" if son’s gonna do golf–not play soccer–this fall?

  1. Too funny. Nice piece. Golf is a great sport for a boy his age, as it will give him confidence in himself not being reliant on a team for success. On the golf course it is him, the ball, and the hole and there is no one there to help him take the shot. I think it shows ambition and (no pun intended) drive. Maybe you could find a soccer team to join and keep your identity intact:). Or you could just be creepy and go hand out at the soccer fields and watch other people's kids play soccer. My boys are 5 and 2 so I got many soccer games in the future, but it is amazing watching them grow up. IMO, once a soccer mom, always a soccer mom (even if the kid decides to take a break from soccer). Your name is not “mom of a kid who currently plays soccer,” is it? Then technically you are still a soccer mom at large.


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