What’s RMST? Saw this hovering above downtown Walnut Creek this morning.

No, it’s not the “Hollywood” sign, just some letters that stand for something and that mean something to some group or individual who wanted to make a strong statement–even mark their territory.

Saw “RMST” prominently affixed to a hillside, rising above the Walnut Creek BART station, that offers strong visibility over the expanse of downtown. It wasn’t there on Friday, was it? Am I that unobservant? I was heading out of town for a short trip, but snapped this photo before getting on the freeway heading west. Is RMST still there? More importantly, what is RMST?

18 thoughts on “What’s RMST? Saw this hovering above downtown Walnut Creek this morning.

  1. My guess… it's Rudgear Meadow's Swim Team hovering over the competition. It's the big Conference Meet for local swim teams this weekend.


  2. I think there might have been other swim team antics going on around town. Someone did a highly intricate TP (teepee?) job on a house in our neighborhood.
    As someone who engaged in such antics as a teen, I very much admired the handiwork and wish I had snapped a photo of it. Of course, I wouldn't want to be the family who had to clean that up, especially getting the toilet paper out of the highest branches of the trees…


  3. Now how do you know it's swim team antics?

    How about:

    Reject Macerich Shopping Terror


    Republican Mob = Street Thugs


  4. If I remember correctly, the RMST has been going up there for years. Very visible from downtown and the freeway. Those swimmers are my (gurgle) prime suspects.


  5. RMS is Root Mean Square and is a mathematical calculation to give the equivalent DC power from AC power. It has something to do with the square root of the average of the instantaneous squares of the voltages of a sine wave.

    A sine wave (or sin wave) is women of loose morals in the navy.

    The T stands for turpitude as in moral.

    Hope this clears things up…


  6. No it's from WC School District

    RMST stands for Real Mean Sexy Teachers.

    Stay tuned I have been told that next week they will add their 900 number to the display.

    I'm sure not all will agree with it but on the other hand it is quite an out the box way of funding the schools in these times.


  7. Rudgear Meadows Swim Team has marked that hill for years. However one year a certain swim team made up of Seahorses from Dewing Park topped the Seals sign by using flour to add to the mark of “RMST (Heart)DPST”. Very creative and I think DPST won the 'conference' that year.


  8. Yep, it's a swim team. On a Lafayette hillside you see SVST (Sun Valley Swim Team).

    The conference just completed. WHO (Walnut Heights Otters) took second place and won the spirit award.


    What a fun weekend.


  9. I wonder if you live in my hood SM, because someone receiving an excellent toilet papering on Friday night. I went mountain biking with my brother and he also commented on the thoroughness of the miscreants who carried it out.

    The county swim meet was this weekend, that's why they pulled off that RMST sign. I wonder who will clean it up though and how long it will stay?


  10. Correction – it wasn't the county swim meet. It was a conference meet with 8 teams. The county swim meet is next weekend.

    SM, the meet was great. It's two days with prelims in the morning and finals and relays in the afternoon. Each team has a theme with all the costumes and decorations. It's really loud on the second day in the afternoon.

    It's a great community activity with lots of volunteering to make it happen.


  11. Castle Hill Bill – You bring back old memories! I remember sneaking up on that hill with sacks of flower to show those Seals who's boss. Go Seahorses!!

    -DPST Alum 1988-2001


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