Mt. Diablo still on potential state park closure list

The good news: with the new state budget–whatever condition it is in, and who knows these days?–fewer state parks will be closed than originally thought.

The very bad news: 100 may still be affected in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s round of last-minute cuts, which involves slashing another $6.2 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

And on a preliminary list is Mt. Diablo State Park. Other Bay Area parks on that preliminary closure list? Benicia Capitol State Historic Park, Fremont Peak State Historic Park, Tomales Bay State Park, and Portola Redwoods State Park.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that state parks officials and nonprofit groups are considering corporate sponsorships of state parks. Those parks on the list will be closed for one to two years.

9 thoughts on “Mt. Diablo still on potential state park closure list

  1. The federal Gov't can take Mt. Diablo back and have threated to do so if the state closes it. It was ceded to the state from the feds years ago after they abandoned the radar station there. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.


  2. Corporate sponsorship of state parks? Wow, that's horrible. I suppose if Mt. Diablo is closed, it will just be me up there on my mountain bike and some pot growers…


  3. Masterlock, your onto something. Forget corporate sponsorship, Walnut Creek should take it from the state and develop a fully functioning medicinal pot farm with all profits going to support Walnut Creek schools and roads. Put some wine grapes in also! Open a fully functioning winery/wine bar in town.


  4. It will revert back to the Feds. The Feds state that if it can't be used for recreation purposes, they can dispose of it. Of course, it's suitable for recreation, so that's not a worry.


  5. In the late 1800's there was a Hotel near the top. It was eventually abandoned and burned by the ranchers who didnt want to deal with tourist. I always thought it would be cool to rebuild it, it could potentially be an international destination with its awesome views. It has the potential to create much needed revenues for the park and if you made it smallish like the original which I'm guessing had no more than 20 rooms the enviromental impacts would be minimal. So who's got a couple of million laying around looking for something to do.


  6. What are our local politicians doing to keep the park in state hands? We really don't have a congressional representative but are the candidates speaking out? I haven't read anything from Torlakson or Buchanan or our county supervisors or even local mayors.


  7. I was going to go up there, but a friend told me there were lots of rattlesnakes up there. Is that true? In which case I won't go there as they are poisinonous.


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