No Happy Endings for five alleged "Johns" arrested on sex solicitation charges

Five men, apparently looking for what’s known in the biz as a Happy Ending or a Girlfriend Experience, wound up in custody, on suspicion of soliciting sex from undercover officers.

The bust took place Thursday night between 9 and 11:30 p.m. at an unnamed North Main Street motel, according to a press release from Sgt. Steve Gorski.

Yes, as Gorski said, Walnut Creek continues to deal with prostitution taking place at local hotels and motels. A big concern for police, Gorski said, is that officers often encounter “other associated crimes in addition to the prostitution activity, including robberies, narcotics violations, weapons violations and assaults.”

Four of the five men are from outside the area, and I bet they, like most Johns these days, learned about these supposed ladies of the evening via the Internet. Good old Internet. It has made it possible for prostitutes to set up shop in suburban motels, hotels, apartments and “massage” studios–close to where prosperous clients work and live. These women can advertise online, often through some well known erotic websites, and reach an audience that spans the entire Bay Area.

To learn more about how the Internet is bringing prostitutes to a suburban strip mall, apartment complex, and hotel near you, check out this 2005 story, “” in Diablo magazine

I’ve emailed Gorski to ask whether the men arrested learned about their “dates” via the Internet. If he confirms that, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, here are the dudes arrested on misdemeanor charges of solicitation and loitering with intent to solicit and or engage in prostitution:

1) Eric Blackmon, 22, Hayward
2) John Quiggle, 59, Paradise
3) Nelson Kwok, 31, Oakland
4) Habibullah Atamy, 41, Patterson
5) Anthony Martin, 36, Concord

All five were booked at the Walnut Creek Police Department and released after signing a promise to appear in court.

14 thoughts on “No Happy Endings for five alleged "Johns" arrested on sex solicitation charges

  1. First to make this clear I don't know any of these individuals, nor do I solicit prostitutes.

    But what happened to the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”?

    What purpose does it serve to release and publish the names of these individuals, other than to prejudge them prior to a proper court case?

    This is a very dangerous road. Why are we so quick to give up constitutional rights?


  2. Really makes you want to run right down and buy a place at the upscale Windsor next door!

    To help solve the budget crunch in Walnut Creek maybe the city could buy the best penthouse and run a high-class string of male and female prostitutes out of it. They could, of course, also service Marriott guests. Now, thats what I call room service!

    How embarassing to be caught at a Motel 6!!!!

    Thanks for the good work WCPD. Hope this makes headlines so the city council will take notice of the terrific job you are doing in our town.


  3. what a complete waste of police time and effort. There are 5 rub and tugs that operate in the open, who cares? Every week it seems there are more and more homeless people who are breaking into cars and breaking into homes of people while they are at work. The police should put their efforts toward actual crime, not victimless crime. How many other crimes were committed and unsolved during this “sting”?


  4. 11:04. I find it interesting that you have an exact count… Do you care to rate them…

    I do wonder about the effort versus the reward in these stings. Maybe more time in the neighborhoods were daytime home burglaries are occurring with frequency is time better served.

    Maybe they have some research studies that show they are worth the time. They don't seem to make sense to me.


  5. I completely agree with Anon 9:33
    These guys have not been convicted, I think it is jumping the gun to publish the names and ages like that.


  6. Their names, ages and the crime they were arrested for are all public record. The Contra Costa Times and other news outlets have gone to court to ensure this type of information is released. Don't like it: change the law or don't read the paper.


  7. Regarding the 5 rub and tugs…they are all out in the open. They claim that they offer foot messages and/or acupressure massages…until 9/10pm at night?!?! Go research AMP (Asian Massage Parlors)…Jerry Rice got busted in one in Los Altos. If you are a female, married I'd ask your husband. If you are a male asking you are probably over 50 and never severed in the military, these are imports from Vietnam and Korea. Anyway I'd prefer they use my tax dollars to keep losers from breaking into our homes and evicting the homeless encampments under the freeway over passed and creek/wash by Whole Paycheck.

    …research….always, always research…


  8. Regarding questionable massage studios, or “Asian Massage Parlors,” Walnut Creek, in the last year or so, worked out an ordinance to regulate massage therapy services. Police were–and perhaps are–still busy dealing with these so-called massage studios–which were actually fronts for prostitution services.

    One that the local cops dealt with a few times was located a half a block from Las Lomas High School. According to this studio's reviews, employees at this studio “would strip down to their underwear and touch clients sexually.”


  9. While I don't like the fact that there are 2 AMPs next to my kid's high school (1 above old Yoga place and 1 next to lap store on Newell), I'd like the CoCo Sheriff and DEA to really look into the properties that border between Seetle Ct and Arbutis Dr….covered-up chain link fence with multiple locks, broken down RV, looks like a meth-lab to me, but what do I know…


  10. Anon 4:22 July 24, I was the earlier 9:33 poster.

    I did not say that it was illegal to publish the names of the arrested gentlemen. I think there are sometimes real good reason to publish the names and other identifying information of alleged offenders, be it because the offenders are fugitives, or be to try to get more victims of the crime to come forward.

    My question is more of an ethical nature. In this case the persons are arrested an booked and I would doubt that there would be prostitutes to come forward and identify them of more crimes.

    So my question is what purpose does it serve for the press or a blog to publish their names together with their hometowns? To me it smells quite a bit of lynch mob justice and I don't think that this is a good road to be on.

    I actually think the same amount of information to the public would have conveyed with a statement like:

    “The five alleged perpetrators range in age from 22 to 59 years and came from Hayward, Paradise, Oakland, Patterson and Concord.”


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