Message from Las Lomas principal regarding the death of student in murder-suicide

From Pat Lickiss, principal at Las Lomas High School, regarding the death of Adam Williams, 16, a junior at Las Lomas and a member of the school’s track and cross country teams.

He was killed Friday night at the top of Mt. Diablo, apparently when his mother, Judith Williams, 51, shot him in the head and chest, and then turned the gun on herself.

It is with great sadness that I announce to the Las Lomas Community that Adam Williams (Class of 2011) died this past Friday evening (July 17). Rumors began circulating in the community yesterday and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department confirmed to the school this morning that both Adam and his biological mother are deceased.

I have also been in touch with Adam’s father and stepmother about this tragedy. They have asked me to share the following information with the Las Lomas community concerning the memorial service for Adam:

Friday, July 24, 1:00 p.m., Mt. Vernon Memorial Park, 8201 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks,

Adam’s grandparents are hosting a reception afterward, to which all are invited. Address and directions to the reception will be available at the service.

The family asks those who knew and loved Adam to email a written memory to them before Friday. The pastor will read as many as possible during the service. Though only a very few immediate family members will speak during the service (if any), the family wanted everyone to have a chance to participate in remembering and celebrating Adam. Memories can be sent to either of the following email addresses:

I have been in touch with our school counselors and support staff so they are aware. I have also been in contact with a couple of cross country parents who are working to arrange counseling as needed for the cross country team. As word about Adam gets out students may likely have struggles about his death. Please discuss this with your kids and know that as our support staff returns in August, they will be available to meet with students as needed.

I would ask that we all keep the Williams family in our thoughts during this difficult time.

Patrick Lickiss, Principal, Las Lomas High School

You can contact Jim Williams and Susan Fanetti via a special memorial Facebook set up by the family.

10 thoughts on “Message from Las Lomas principal regarding the death of student in murder-suicide

  1. Tragic for everyone involved. The mother must have been in incredible mental anguish and disarray to do such a thing. Tragic for her, the son, the rest of the family, even the pets. This sort of news brings tears to one's eyes, to read of such a horrible ending for someone in pain.


  2. Ok well – this is an anonoymous post. So my husband literally just said the following to me: “If you decide to kill yourself – don't kill me ” and “if you do kill yourself, dont do it in our house – go off somewhere far, far away.” I have no intention of killing myself, so I don't know where he is coming form with these declarative statements. I can't help but wonder if the ex husband had some role in this tragedy. What sort of ideas did he plant in his ex-wife's head to force her to give up on life for herself and her son. What a tragedy.

    Our prayers are with the family, and hope healing can begin soon. Love a CCC Mom, Dad, and teen daughter.


  3. I agree with both Anonymous 4:49 & 6:41 PM. Such overwhelming anguish to find no other ray of hope. I also wondered how much suffering may have been inflicted upon this poor woman to drive her to this point. Perhaps the lesson here is to be more conscientious of those we interact with on a daily basis and realize that many of our fellow countrypeople are going through some very trying times.


  4. (First, sorry about the font issues on this blog. I wrote this on another computer that has some different font issues.)

    Just a quick comment about the pets. Perhaps it shows that Judith Williams had made her plan for how she would die, and she took the steps to act on it. From what I've read about suicide prevention–and warning signs–that's something that people should be worried about, when a loved one starts taking steps to settle their affairs.


  5. Your last comment is vitally important. It is a statistical fact that people with suicidal thoughts often make statements and undertake actions to 'settle up' various areas of their lives in anticipation.
    We should all be aware of potential pre-suidical/depressive comments and/or behavior in our family and friends.


  6. Judy and Adam were our next door neighbors for many years during Adam's young formative years. My daughter and oldest son played with Adam daily. I am shocked and my children, husband and I are deeply saddened by Adam's sudden and violent death. He was a quiet, sensitive, yet seemingly happy boy who I admired for his patience and ability to play so well by himself as well as with my two oldest. I remember him creating rather elaborate structures and loved his creative imagination. The last time I had talked to Judy, she moved Adam to his current school district and he seemed well adjusted. Unfortunately, she wasn't and I only wished for the two of them, she had gotten the help she needed. Nothing is ever that bad to take the life of your own child and yourself. Adam, rest in peace and know that we are thinking of you. My condolences to Adam's father and his family.


  7. Dear Debby Levy and Family,
    Thanks for sharing your perspective, about Adam and Judy. Your description of Adam as a sensitive, creative, self-possessed young man offer such a beautiful picture of him, and such a sad picture of what's been lost. I'm also sorry about how this has hurt you and your husband and kids. What you're feeling show how suicide and a tragedy like this has far-reaching consequences.


  8. Because 16 year olds aren't as mobile as adults, I hope anyone available would step up to be sure his class and teammates can get to Fair Oaks


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