Call Homeland Security? Crazy Soccer Mom is a few Metro stops away from our nation’s capital!

On vacation this week, recovering today from flying the red-eye from Oakland to Dulles…

My son and I flew together to visit my brother and his family who live outside Washington D.C., in Arlington, Virginia.

(We flew Jet Blue, which has TVs embedded in the seatback in front of you, with Direct TV access, which means, he and I pay tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson by staying up much of the night watching a retrospective of his classic videos on VH1).

While in the DC area, we plan to do some of the usual things: the Smithsonium museums on the Mall. Then, I’m thinking we’ll take drives out to “the country” to visit the homes of two founding fathers, Mount Vernon and Monticello.

Tomorrow morning, my brother, sister-and-law and I will meet up with friends of theirs to hike a short portion of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. Maybe we’ll run into an errant South Carolina governor … No, wait, he’ll be in Argentina.

Anyway, I plan to check in on e-mail, and try to keep up with what’s going on back in Walnut Creek and surrounding communities. And, if I get a chance, I have some stories I’ve been meaning to write, and, I hope, I’ll get around to them while I have this break from work.

In the meantime: Have a great weekend and a great Fourth of July!

5 thoughts on “Call Homeland Security? Crazy Soccer Mom is a few Metro stops away from our nation’s capital!

  1. Please take your son to the Holocaust Museum. It is never too early to learn from our past history and this is presented so beautifully that everyone should see it. Kind of puts the trivial problems of Walnut Creek into perspective that's for sure.

    Also the Newseum is a very interesting place that is great for kids. Total immersion and lots of neat displays to hold their interest.

    Have a great time! Had been wondering what had happened to you these past few days.


  2. Dear Anon 6/30 8:30 a.m.
    Thanks very much for the note!

    We did go to the Holocaust Museum AND the Newseum. Actually we spent most of today at the Newseum!

    I'll write more on the latter later, I hope. Made me think lots about news, First Amendment, what I do with this blog, and so forth.

    I haven't been as connected as I could be. Which may be a healthy thing.

    But I hear the weather let up, that perhaps the BART strike didn't happen. At least not yet anyway?

    Hope you all have a great 4th!


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