"Soccer Mom" goes after Ellen Tauscher’s Congressional seat: Relax! It’s not this Soccer Mom

A reader happened to catch this headline in today’s Contra Costa Times: ” ‘Soccer mom’ declares candidacy for Tauscher’s House seat.

Just wanted to say: Don’t worry. It’s not me. You don’t have to worry about a Crazy neighbor winding up on some U.S. House committee overseeing budget, health care, defense or national security. Phew!

And, I may be Crazy, but I’m not Crazy enough–to run for political office.

As the Times says about our newest contender for the 10th Congressional District race:

With 11 people already running or likely to run to replace Rep. Ellen Tauscher in the 10th Congressional District, self-described “soccer mom” Tiffany Attwood of Danville said Monday she’ll make it an even dozen.

“I know it sounds cliched, but I want to make a difference,” Attwood, 38, said Monday, noting her work in home mortgages and her own family situation has put the economic crisis into bleak perspective. “I really want to help those people, I have some big ideas and I want to see people feel like we really can get out of this.”

Atwood is a Hayward native, a Democrat, and of Latina/Filipina descent. She is also a wife, mother, and mortgage officer with Emery Financial. If that’s not all: She works part time with UPS and serves on the Danville Planning Commission, which means, she says, “what it’s like to balance family life with making ends meet.”

11 thoughts on “"Soccer Mom" goes after Ellen Tauscher’s Congressional seat: Relax! It’s not this Soccer Mom

  1. I'm sitting here giggling! When I saw this online I thought of you instantly! Please keep blogging instead, ok? We'd miss you.


  2. This is an intriguing candidate.
    I hope that she works hard and presents a credible message.
    Her Soccer Mom introduction is effective but I would like to see her entire message developed thoroughly.
    Abraham Lincoln started this way with a grass-roots campaign. The path is not easy.


  3. DodgerDog is right, if Walnut Creek politics have dirty Dudum money flying around I can't even imagine what a congressional seat would carry.


  4. Hey Soccer Mom I hope you will invite this Soccer Mom to write a quest column in your blog to explain her agenda.
    This seems only fair among Soccer Moms


  5. This says she is a Danville planning commissioner. Someone might want to advise her that Danville is NOT IN the congressional seat she is seeking…


  6. By law it doesn't matter where you live……you may run in any congressional district you wish. At some point, if elected you must, I believe, maintain a residence and register to vote within the district you are elected to represent.

    Just another of the funny quirks in national politics.

    Not to knock this self-described, very accomplished young woman, who gives a flip what her heritage is? Racial heritage is not a qualification for public office.

    All we need to know is that she is an American citizen who wishes to serve the people, black, white, red, brown or whatever, who are in the 10th Congressional District.


  7. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your note. I try, don't always succeed, but am always learning and trying to do it better. Feel free to e-mail with any suggestions and, of course, observations and news tips.


  8. 6:37 – thanks for your comments. Completely agree on race issue – doesnt matter. And you are quite correct that, technically, one not need live in the Congressional district. But I trust you would agree that it should matter to the voters. More than ever we need representatives in Sacto and DC that are more committed to the people they represent than to their own personal ambitions. I do not know this lady, so I cannot judge her motives. But I must say that when I see a candidate running for a seat in which they dont live it smacks the kind of political opportunism that we must get beyond…


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