Lafayette man arrested in Cal Poly hazing death

Haithem Ibrahim, 20, (right) is one of four California Polytechnic University students arrested Thursday in connection with the December hazing death of an 18-year-old student. reports that Ibrahami was the “big brother” of Carson Starkey of Austin, Texas, who was going through an annual pledge event held by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. 

 According to, San Luis Obispo police said the death “followed the fraternity’s annual “Brown Bag Night” event Dec. 1 in which pledges are instructed to consume a large quantity of alcohol in a limited amount of time.

“Starkey became unresponsive during the event and several fraternity members put him in a vehicle to take him to a hospital. However, he started vomiting as they were driving, so he was brought back to the house and put to bed, police said.

Fraternity members checked on him until about 2 a.m. Dec. 2, when they went to bed. He was found hours later unresponsive, police said. Emergency crews took Starkey to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy determined he died of respiratory arrest due to acute ethanol toxicity and his blood alcohol content was between .39 and .44 percent.”

Ibrahim and another fraternity brother faces a felony charge of hazing causing death or great bodily injury and a misdemeanor violation of furnishing alcohol to a minor causing death or great bodily injury.  They both face up to three years in prison for the felony charges.  The two other suspects were arrested on misdemeanor charges of hazing causing death or great bodily injury and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

3 thoughts on “Lafayette man arrested in Cal Poly hazing death

  1. This is so sad all the way around. How could this Lafayette man not know the dangers of what he did? Several years ago a young man from Pleasant Hill was killed in a Fraternity hazing in Chico. I have a son in a Fraternity and we talked to him regarding this exact issue. We will again talk to him and show him this article.

    My thoughts and prayers to the family of the young man who died, so tragic and sad.


  2. Precisely the reason why I would rather just be a loner nerd in life. It’s much easier, and I love doing my own thing. I married another loner nerd too, and we have a happy little child. Never was that interested in being popular.

    It is sad to hear about these unfortunate deaths.


  3. How could they? I mean could these idiots be so stupid? They actually turned back from the hospital? They will live with that decision the rest of their lives, and rightfully so. I think we can never tell our kids enough that it CAN happen them. It happens to “them” all the time. It has to happen to someone, don’t let it be you .


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