Here’s one way to avoid being stopped for running a stop sign: Lead lots of cops on multi-city chase

Walnut Creek and neighboring cities became the scene in a high-speed, and at one point, a wrong-way freeway police chase of a red Infiniti G35 that had run a stop sign at El Nido Ranch Road in Lafayette at about 12:30 p.m.

The Contra Costa Times says a Lafayette patrol officer tried to stop the car, but the driver took off, getting onto Highway 24, heading east in the oncoming lands. The chase continued onto Interstate 680 and then onto city streets in downtown and unincorporated Walnut Creek. The pursuit, which was joined by police by other agencies and a California Highway Patrol helicopter, continued back towards Lafayette and then into Orinda. It ended at Glorietta Boulevard and Meadowview Road in Orinda.

The drive was identified as Justin Linares, 20, of Orinda.

18 thoughts on “Here’s one way to avoid being stopped for running a stop sign: Lead lots of cops on multi-city chase

  1. ya its the justin that went to berean high school. Its sad cause hes really such a nice guy but i think he just panicked cause he was driving on a suspended license and didn’t want to get caught. still a stupid choice though


  2. Dear Anons 3:23 and 3:24 p.m.,
    Thank you for taking the the time to post. You are welcome to post on this site. If you want to offer a different viewpoint on Mr. Linares or this incident, it is very welcome here.

    Please just avoid f-bombs and d-bombs. Some readers find it annoying an offensive. I can see you have stong feelings, and welcome you to share more of what those feelings are. Anonymously if you like. But just avoid quick obscenity-laced statements. They don’t advance your point of view at all. Tell us real reasons that we should think differently about this situation.

    I’m very open to having differnt points of view expressed here.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to post, and consider sharing some more comments.


  3. Justin Linaires is a good man i hope he doing alright there locked behind them bars there with u cutty….i spark one for u til da def. stay up homie


  4. Justin linares is a bay boss…if i ever need a get away driver when i pull a lick hes my hus


  5. Jusitn is a mother fuckin boss and any people who dont think that can go shove a fat ass hairy back dick in thier ass and then lick it clean!!!!! vq ftw


  6. Justin is cooler then a polar bears toes and if you guys wanna talk mess just know that he got away 3 times when all you punk a$$ people would have pulled over right off the bat – yeah he got a slap on the wrist for it but he still showed more balls in 30 minutes then most of u internet s**t talkers ever will in your ENTIRE life.

    and we still smokin


    if u gotta problem come see us at trader joes cudi we dont play that internet “stuff”


  7. You know what is so ironic is that moms have accounts to blog and basically talk shit about stuff they have no idea about. Parents wonder why kids gossip so much, well you are thee living proof. My mom as well as my friends mom realize how precious and limited time is that you have with your children before they are in college; and you bluntly stating a strong opinion you know nothing about is pathetic, you are acting like a child. Instead grow the FUCK up and go spend every minute with your child. And to add on how you all feel about Christian School kids is very true. We are fine upstanding citizens because we were taught to be prepared for people like you. Moms that wont grow the fuck up and have too much time on their damn hands so they sit on a computer and publically blog their emotions. Yes what he did was horrible, but your judging someone you don't know, and you have NO IDEA what the circumstances were. Just said he was thankful this happened, and he has changed his life and learned from this. Sometimes people need a big wake up call and he is thankful for that. Spreading it and gossiping it is essential just as bad as the crime, if you were any close to being a Christian you would know that. He has outstanding parents and we as a FAMILY, yes i said family have grew so much closer with this. Your children are going to go through huge hardships as well, do you really want people publically blogging and stating their opinion about your children? Didn't think so. You are the world's most pathetic mom.


  8. I think this is hilarious because the more we talk about this, the easier it is to find this post on Google. So thanks Anonymous 10:41AM for bringing it up again. What a fine upstanding Christian Jason Linares is, as well as those defending him using F bombs and going off on others in a not-very-Christian way. Didn't they teach you manners at Christian school? Jason Linares behaved stupidly and therefore is probably stupid.


  9. Dear Anon 5:44 p.m.

    Sorry, had to delete your comment because you dropped the f-word at the end, and, as I've said before, I personally don't find it offensive but other readers might. But here's what your wrote up until that point:

    “Who ever post this about Justin has a lot of free time in her hands,soccer mom!! you have kids too and nobody is free of this,justin is a great guy but he made a big mistake and he has learned from that.”

    Thanks for the comment. I know I'm not immune to stupid teen stuff. I did some stupid teen stuff myself. I'm sure Justin's a good guy, and I'm glad he's learned from this. He's lucky to have friends who stick up for him.


  10. in response to “those chrisitan school turn out such fine upstanding citizens” you are wrong. i went to a private chrisitan school with justin and there are alot of fine people that come out of them, teens make mistakes no matter what religous backgroud or school they come from. its not right to stereotype. people make mistakes.


  11. wtf! why did you even write this article about him. how would you like it if someone wrote this article about you?? sure he made a little mistake but that's life. we make mistakes. you don't need others to judge someone when you don't even know the person.


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