Dozens of Las Lomas students reportedly nabbed in Walnut Creek police jaywalking sting operation

Okay, I might be hyping up the headline for effect. Whatever.

I was just at Whole Foods, waiting in line to buy some of their very yummy macaroni and cheese for dinner. Also waiting in line for a carton of Whole Paycheck–er, Whole Foods–mac & cheese was a mother and her teen-age son, a student at Las Lomas High. As we waited, the two started telling me about the big police sting operation in front of Whole Foods today.

This police operation targeted Las Lomas High Students. Apparently.

According to the mom and her son, about 30 students received jaywalking tickets this morning, while crossing Newell Avenue, either against the light or outside the crosswalk. All presumably were in a rush to get to school–first period starts at 8 a.m. The son said more students received these tickets this afternoon, when seventh period lets out at 3:05 p.m.

The tickets are $59!” the mom proclaimed.

I told her of my own battles with parking tickets, and of how the price I paid for my expired meters seems a relative bargain when compared to those jaywalking tickets ($35 a pop, unless I’m late with the payment.)

Walnut Creek police Lt. Mark Perlite, whom I reached early Wednesday evening, just as he was starting swing shift, said he wasn’t aware of any specific operation today targeting Las Lomas students. However, he wasn’t surprised if it had taken place. He said the police sometimes look out for jaywalkers in the downtown area, and might hand out tickets, and that includes to students at local schools.

Such efforts are part of the department’s efforts to educate the public about staying safe while walking in Walnut Creek’s often traffic-heavy downtown. The department is especially interested in keeping young people safe. “We want to educate these kids before something worse happens.”

18 thoughts on “Dozens of Las Lomas students reportedly nabbed in Walnut Creek police jaywalking sting operation

  1. Hooray for WCPD! It’s about time that they crack down on all jaywalking in Walnut Creek.Living in the area of Walnut Creek where San Miguel is my main street to get any where, I am constantly amazed at how many kids can’t walk less than 1/2 block to use a crosswalk to get to their cars or just cross the street. Another bad spot is on Newell between S. Main and California. Adults in hospital scrubs are very often crossing illegaly mid-street to get to Trader Joes and the other shops in that center.Very dangerous and very frustrating for drivers who have to dodge jaywalkers.If it takes a big fine to teach a lesson, so be it. Keep on writing them!


  2. I see both adults and kids jaywalking all over (not just WC). I think that the kids are most noticeable because they walk in large groups.I’ve seen people jaywalk when they could walk 20 feet to a crosswalk.


  3. Good, I can’t tell you how many times those careless kids are walking in the middle of parking lot instead of on a sidewalk by Whole Foods. Look at all the people who j-walk on Main Street back and forth to Kaiser. Dangerous.


  4. Oooohhhhhh jaywalkers!!! So SCARY!! How many of you idiots that agree with huge jaywalking fines AND expulsion (wtf are you thinking??) from school know how many jaywalkers get hit by cars or how many cars get in accidents because of them? You people need to stop being so damn stupid by trying to make EVERYTHING illegal. Like the last guy said, those cops could use some quality time in Oakland or some other crime ridden area.


  5. I heard about those crazy people in Walnut Creek…like they’re in one big Charles Manson type cult except they like setting each other on fire for fun.Wouldn’t surprise me after reading some of the comments posted.


  6. Yay!!!!!!!!!finally!!!! I use to pick up my daughter at Las Lomas and was so annoyed with the kids jay walking right in front of Whole foods, when the cross walk was only a few yards away. The other thing these kids love to do is clog up the actual parking lot at WF. Try and get out of that parking lot when they are getting out of school, it is nearly impossible. I’m glad that they got a $59 dollar ticket. Hit them where it hurts! I’m sure the won’t try it again.


  7. I bet the guy who wants WC cops to work in Oakland doesn’t live in Oakland. The police enforce the laws, they don’t create them. Police are there to protect and serve. Try doing that yourself and see how far you get.


  8. The previous four comments unfortunately violated some basic terms for posting on this blog. Obscene, violent language. If the person or persons posting have a legitimate complaint against the police feel free to post but make an articulate argument.


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