Police looking for robbers who held up woman in her WC home

Walnut Creek police are looking for two men, one who was armed with a gun, who robbed a woman in her home off Walnut Avenue Wednesday evening.

Lt. Mark Perlite says that at about 7 p.m police responded to the home, in the 700 block of Stonehaven Drive. The resident there said someone had knocked at her door. When she opened the door, she saw two men, both wearing sweatshirts.

One of the men entered her home, displayed a chrome or silver handgun, and demanded the woman’s cash. The men then fled the home in an unknown direction. No one was injured in the robbery.

Police, with the assistance of Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputies and two K-9 units from the Concord Police Department and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department, searched the neighborhood. A CHP helicopter also scanned the area for the robbers, but they were not found.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with information should call the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 943-5844.

2 thoughts on “Police looking for robbers who held up woman in her WC home

  1. This is the type of robbery that terrifies me. Home invasions are probably one of the most dangerous types of robberies there are because once the perps are in your house anything can happen.I was the victim years ago of a man that smashed through my bedroom window and landed in my bed at 3am. Fearing arrest he attacked me. I still carry those scars today – 25 years later. Both physical and some emotional. If you creep around my windows at night now, and I wake up, I probably won’t shoot you right away, but I will never allow anyone to ever do that to me again or my family again.As far as this lady is concerned, she did the right thing by co-operating, but she made a serious mistake by impulsivly opening her door without checking who it was.Even people that may look like utility workers, and some posing as police officers. You just can’t be too carefull now aday’s.


  2. I moved here from LA believing that the bay area would be a much safer area to live. Boy was I wrong. The crime here is horrible. Much worse than anything I read about or experienced where I lived in West LA. My car has been broken into 2X in 2years. 1X in SF and 1X in front of my home in WC. I am fearful every day living here.


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