Authorities investigating role of mental illness in 73-year-old man’s slaying in Clayton’s post office

With Shannon Bradley Moore due in court today, to be arraigned on murder charges in connection with Saturday’s post office killing of Raymond Casso, prosecutors acknowledge they are looking at whether Moore was suffering from a mental illness that prompted what appears to have been a totally random, senseless attack.

“We are investigating to what extent mental illness played a role in this event,” Contra Costa Deputy District Attorney Derek Butts told the Contra Costa Times this morning. “That is one of the potential factors we are looking at.”

Butts said it does not appear that Casso knew his killer, and the motive remains unclear.

Moore, a 37-year-old Concord resident, was charged late Monday with murder in the fatal stabbing of Casso, a 19-year Clayton resident, business owner, father of three, and grandfather of four.

Meanwhile, a website has been created in Casso’s memory, where you can read about his life and post in a guestbook.

2 thoughts on “Authorities investigating role of mental illness in 73-year-old man’s slaying in Clayton’s post office

  1. It’s been a very tragic weekend/week.1st the Clayton murder2nd the man who shot a preacher in the heart while he was at his pulpit carrying on a sermon.3rd the man that killed his family, mother, father, grandparents,etc then drove thru town shooting other people – his toll was 10 people4th, today the Germany school shooting where a 17year old killed 15 people. What in God’s name is all of this about?


  2. Very troubled souls. Very sad news indeed.Must keep striving for positive contributions to our community. People are basically good, just need inspiration. We need to see more kindness and compassion unto others.


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