Time to break your Sully addiction

Sorry to all those who need their constant fix of interviews and media images of Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, but the Danville hero pilot has decided to take a break.

The 58-year-old Danville resident, who has been on a national media tour for weeks, will take a break from his rigorous interview schedule so he can complete his role in the National Transportation Safety Board’s crash investigation and return to his family, officials say.

“We regret that we are unable to fulfill all the requests that were made to Captain Sullenberger,” spokesman Alex Clemens wrote Friday in an e-mail to scores of media outlets.

Sullenberger will conduct just a few more interviews, which he has already agreed to, before he calls it quits to “wrap up the ongoing to-do items stemming from his appearance before Congress” and tries to settle back into his normal life, Clemens said.

Most of the remaining media requests, including one made by this newspaper, will be left unanswered for now, he said.

Requests from television, radio, online and print media organizations have numbered in the “multiple hundreds” and have come from every continent except Antarctica, said Clemens.

Alas, I guess you won’t be reading a Soccer Mom interview with Sullenberger, but I confess I didn’t even put in a request. Frankly, after the 60 Minutes interview, of which I only saw part, I decided I had heard enough of this story. Yeah, it’s a good story, one for the ages, but it’s time to move on. At least that’s my take. And, yes, that was Sully the news cameras flashed to during President Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday night to the joint session of Congress.

3 thoughts on “Time to break your Sully addiction

  1. Thank God. Nice guy, did a great thing. Now, we can stop hearing about him on the radio or seeing him on TV or on the cover of magazines. He jumped the shark when he showed up at the Super Bowl.


  2. That People magazine cover says it all about how the oversaturation in coverage on Sullenberger. He did a great thing, and all this coverage, and his constant appearances sort of wear out his welcome. He should have been getting better advice from his PR people.


  3. I still didn’t like the lost library book fee waiver. I would have rather not even known about that story. Soccer Mom didn’t write it, it was in the CC Times. Maybe not many people knew about it, but I just didn’t think it was all that cute.I would have not accepted the fee waiver myself. That is when I realized I had read enough about Sully. I do admire him for his skill and bravery in such critical circumstances. I am grateful for that, and I think it is wonderful he received some media attention. Now, back to reality and do something productive and heroic outside of your day job.


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