Creepy mug shot of the year? Son suspected of murdering his parents in their Pleasanton country club home

This is Ernie Scherer, III, the 30-year-old son of Ernie Scherer Jr., 60, a former San Ramon Valley School District trustee and prominent local Republican activist, and his wife Charlene Abendroth, 57.

The Times reports that the younger Scherer faces the death penalty in his parents’ March 2008 killing. The couple, who had been married 31 years, were found beaten in their pajamas in their home in Pleasanton’s Castlewood Country Club.

Ernie Scherer III, a professional poker player, had long been the focus of detectives’ interest in his parents’ killing–ever since learning that a red Chevy Camaro had been spotted in the neighborhood the week of the couple’s deaths.

Detectives seized Scherer III’s red 2001 Chevrolet Camaro convertible and searched his home in Brea in March.

An affidavit filed in the case alleges that Scherer III, known in his family as “Skip,” had a financial motive to kill his parents. He was facing serious financial troubles and falling behind on the mortgage of the home he shared with his wife and young son. He and his wife together owed more than $40,000 on consumer debt.

Scherer III was arrested in Las Vegas Monday night, waived extradition, and was returned to Alameda County. He will be arraigned Thursday on two counts of murder with special special circumstances and murder for financial gain.

5 thoughts on “Creepy mug shot of the year? Son suspected of murdering his parents in their Pleasanton country club home

  1. Disgusting excuse for a human being.. my family knew Ernie and his wife and this is just beyond comprehension… 40,000 is nothing, nothing to be killed for… but this jerk probably also had other gambling debts, etc. I saw him on the news too and as he was stumbling trying to walk in the schackles it sure looked like he laughed and smiled… yah keep on smiling …


  2. You have to wonder though what went on in that family. Not to disrespect the dead, but I guess he will: He was a big jerk when it came to the school district. It was all about his grandstanding. He didn’t care about the district,just himself. what of that did he apply to his own life and his own family. Not to excuse what his son did, but you have to wonder what kind of environment his son grew up in.


  3. Ernie Scherer Jr. was a stand up guy, he stood up for what he believed what was right and was not afraid of any agrument. Ernie Scherer 3rd (son to stand trial) was not on drugs, unless you consider gambling a drug. Which some may believe that. And it was much more than 40k that he stood to in-herit, come on people do some research before you post your comments. The sad thing is that was not his mug shot that was just a picture of him, i believe his passport or driver's license.


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