Good news for Walnut Creek’s Olympia Place: prominent storefront location won’t stay empty indefinitely

A national chain that sells vitamins, minerals, and sports nutrition supplements has leased the space at Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Locust Street that housed Bombay and Company until it closed more than a year ago.

Sources say that the Vitamin Shoppe will take over the 6,454-square-foot space in Olympia Center, which also houses the Century 14 movie theater and Cost Plus World Market. However, the Vitamin Shoppe won’t be moving in right away, mostly likely in the fall of 2009.

Still, its arrival should perk up that retail corner of Walnut Creek. Even though most of the commercial space in Olympia Place is leased, the center had been looking rather beleaguered lately, following the closure of Bombay Company, as well as (our family favorite’s) Moonstruck Chocolate Co. and Johnny Rockets diner.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a New Jersey-based specialty retailer and direct marketer of nutritional products that started in 1977. With more than 400 stores in 37 states, it sells vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, herbs, sports nutrition formulas, homeopathic remedies, and health and beauty aids.

In other downtown business news, an unnamed restaurant will go into the Locust Street space recently vacated by Sherman Clay & Co. piano dealer. The window shows that a local company has filed for a license to serve alcohol from the state Alcohol Beverage Control.

10 thoughts on “Good news for Walnut Creek’s Olympia Place: prominent storefront location won’t stay empty indefinitely

  1. This is really supposed to perk that corner up? Elephant Pharm didn’t work. Do you really think this supplement vitamin store will work? How much is their lease. I’d love to know that.


  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I also wonder about the feasibility of 6500 square feet of vitamins etc? How tough is it to find out about the lease….my guess is it was a sweet deal in this downturn.The original developer/owner of Olympia Place sold before the ink/paint was dry. This eyesore was a turkey to begin with…and now we’re stuck with it.


  3. Olympia Wreck, another Brad Blake sphincter product, has been a looser from day 1. (Gushingly approved by the cows in ‘Community Development’).It is, arguably, the ugliest block ‘development’ between Oakland and Chicago.


  4. Yeah, this chain vitamin store? Uck! This is good news? I can't believe these places make money. And after Elephant Pharmacy closed down, who gives a s@&^% about so-called herbal, mineral, nutritional supplements. It's kind of a scam and to occupy so much space. It's not going to happen.


  5. Another cheesy chain store that’s probably not gonna make money. Who these days has money for their professional herbal supplements? Puh-lease.


  6. I’m waiting for the World Market to close down. What’s the end time for that place? I’ll tell ya. I love trees and all. But those trees cover up Olympia place (facing mt diablo). When you’re driving, you can never really tell what is there. I just found out that Flemming’s has been there for like a year!


  7. It’s a nice shopping center with really convenient parking. I wish they’d get some bigger draws. Le Creuset and vitamins aren’t going to work. I can’t figure out why Johnny Rocket’s closed. It always seemed to get steady business and was a great cheap pre-movie spot for teens.


  8. Johnny Rockets should have stayed there. It is obvious that the owner of this property doesn’t know who to turn and who to make concession to to keep foot traffic flowing. Bad for the city.They will probably give up on the business soon enough.


  9. Wow, they didn’t learn their lesson from Elephant pharm!!! I agree with all the comments on here, YUCK! I was hoping that Anthropologie would take that space and leave Blackhawk. I was so excited to see that spot leased, now I’m depressed. Whole Foods has all those vitamins that you would ever want, that is why Elephant Pharm didn’t do so hot.That is one heck of a large spot for vitamins! Also didn’t GNC fold at the Broadway Plaza?


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