Arrest in Danville teen’s slaying: drugs a possible motive

A 15-year-old Alameda County resident, who had been living in group home near the residence of slain Danville teen Rylan Fuchs, was arrested early Friday morning in connection with Tuesday night’s fatal shooting. The suspect was arrested in Oakland at the home of relatives, news reports say.

Danville’s police chief told reporters that the shooting could involve drugs. KTVU, citing a law enforcement source, said Fuchs was shot in front of his home in a dispute over a quarter pound of marijuana. You can read more about the arrest of the boy, who attended San Ramon Valley High with Fuchs, here.

According to state records, there are more than 100 group homes for trouble youths at various locations throughout Contra Costa County, most located in West and East Contra Costa. There is one group home listed in Danville.

And speaking of the issue of group homes with troubled youths being housed in so-called “nice” communities like Danville, there is an interesting discussion going on on the Contra Costa Times message board. The posters are also debating to what extent Fuchs was asking for trouble, because of the pot-using ways of himself and his friends, which are very much on display on his Myspace and Facebook pages.

4 thoughts on “Arrest in Danville teen’s slaying: drugs a possible motive

  1. Im getting annoyed reading all these things about how Rylan was a good kid and good friend and had lots of friends. He had lots of friends because he was supplying everyone with drugs. And he wasn’t nice to everyone. He was a jerk to me and my friends.


  2. The negativity I’ve seen in message boards at the Contra Costa Times and the San Francisco Chronicle is seriously sad. What we have here is a tragedy – for many people. For the 17-year-old who lost his life way too young, regardless of whether he was into drugs; for his family and friends who must deal with such a loss; for the community of Danville at large; for the 15-year-old kid who has been arrested, who too will have his life cut short (albeit in a different way) for stupid choices; for his family and friends who must deal with such a burden; for the community of Oakland; for group homes; for everyone. The finger-pointing is useless – there is not a perfect person on the planet. What would be more constructive is for people to use such tragic stories as teaching points for our own social spheres, to take action steps that may prevent something similar in the future.


  3. You dare say Rylan was asking for trouble for buying pot! What about the adults who import these little thug pieces of shit into our community! Are they not asking for it?! But, of course they are. They are asking for our kids to be shot, as are you apparently! Whoever commented about Rylan being a jerk is the type of prick that Rylan would’ve given a hard time, because they’re little bitches who would talk shit about a murdered teen! I’m not going to sit here while you try and import all the tragic stories from Richmond and Oakland into our communities. You will not be content until we have a hundred murders a year as well! Fuck that!


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