Capt. Sullenberger goes to Washington

As I write this late Sunday, the wife and daughters of Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, the Danville pilot hailed as a hero for safely guiding a failing US Airways flight into New York’s Hudson River Thursday, had probably already arrived in our nation’s capital.

Lorrie Sullenberger (pictured below, left) and daughters would be joining “Sully” himself, who received a personal invitation from President-elect Barack Obama to attend his inauguration Tuesday.

Entertainment Online reports that during a five-minute phone conversation Friday evening, Obama thanked Sullenberger and his crew for ensuring that all 155 people aboard the plane survived the crash into the Hudson River, Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs told the Associated Press.
According to the Contra Costa Times, there was also talk that Sullenberger would appear on the Today show Monday morning–the pilot’s first interview with the media. However, the Times also reports that the the head of the U.S. Airline Pilots Association issued a statement asking Sullenberger to refrain from any media interviews while the National Transportation Safety Board investigation is continuing.

There is also speculation that major book and movie deals are in the works, the Associated Press says.

As for when Sullenberger and family would return to Danville and enjoy a gala hometown celebration? Arnerich tells media outlets that the Sullenberger’s return and his hometown celebration could either happen Friday or Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Capt. Sullenberger goes to Washington

  1. I agree that she’s enjoying her 15 minutes, and with him it might last longer. As much as she was all, we can’t talk, we can’t talk last week when the cameras were outside her doorstep, she sure did some talking. And she’s got this fitness business and a column in some local rag. Yeah, she could be a media you know what.


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