Do I Have Any Reason to Post This Photo of a Topless Young Catherine Deneuve?

Kind of.

This is a gift for my husband, who, like many men and women over the past four decades, have considered the French actress Catherine Deneuve to be one of the most beautiful woman on the planet–ever in the existence of civilization.

I am definitely not going to argue that point of view, since I admit to my own woman-crush on Catherine. And, I have fond memories of when my husband was courting me, that sweet, silly young man, asserting that I bore some resemblance to Catherine. How could I resist such a comparison, as misguided as it was? No woman could resist that kind of flattery. It helped convince me to marry him.

Here is Catherine, in one of her signature roles, as the patrician housewife in the 1967 Luis Buñuel-directed film Belle du Jour. Catherine’s Séverine moonlights as a prostitute in a high-end Parisian brothel, where she fulfills her masochistic fantasies. In this role, Catherine was so very, very bad–and so very tragically beautiful.

Sorry, to any of those readers who were hoping I would post an image of Jennifer Anniston on the cover of GQ, wearing just a man’s tie. I still can. But come on, Catherine Deneuve versus Jennifer Anniston. Even Catherine Deneuve now, at age 65: There is absolutely no comparison.

2 thoughts on “Do I Have Any Reason to Post This Photo of a Topless Young Catherine Deneuve?

  1. I never went to many foreign movies, and saw her in one. Maybe she was already in her 40s, and I was a mere pup of a 25-year-old but, God, she was still hot. And I had this older woman fantasyu. I think that’s the thing with European women. They age more gracefully or something. Not so willing to hit the botox.


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