Merry Christmas from Crazy in Suburbia and Our Special Tree Angel

Well, I’m not crazy Soccer Mom for nothing.

And, who, in our house do we choose for our Christmas tree angel but a bedecked figure of Stewie Griffin. He’s the amazingly fluent and English-accented infant from the animated series Family Guy, who also happens to be obsessed with world domination, matricide, and is of ambigious sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, over at, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor of Claycord have an absolutely adorable photo of two little rats–pet rats, I assume. I told the Mayor that I had a pet rat when I was a kid, an absolutely sweet little guy with black and white markings like the fellow in the photo. Hmm, I wonder if my fondness for rats signified my later pathology. We’ll leave that to my husband–and my therapist–to comment.
Well, anyway, Happy Holidays to you all!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Crazy in Suburbia and Our Special Tree Angel

  1. Is that seriously your tree angel? That’s classic, I NEED ONE!! Where did you get it? Have you ever seen Stewie’s movie? It doesn’t get much better than Stewie Griffin!!!!Merry Christmas, Soccer Mom! Keep up the good work!Mayor


  2. This past summer, on a very hot July day, after I picked up my son up at his soccer camp at Heather Farm, I said, let’s stop in at 7-Eleven for Slurpees. Lo and behold, this 7-Eleven, just off Ygnacio, was selling cartoon figure bobbleheads, including one of Stewie. I snuck it past my son and surprised him with Stewie later. All along, of course, I’m thinking, Eureka! I have found our Christmas tree angel. I just spruced him up with ribbon and tied him to the top of the tree. Did you see the recent episode where Stewie does an Adolph Hitler imitation?


  3. Yeah, I saw that episode, classic! A lot of people don’t “get” family guy, but it’s hilarious, and if you pay close attention, you can really see that there’s a message in a lot of their stories. It’s one of the funniest cartoons ever created.Mayor


  4. Most people assume “Family Guy” is horribly crass and offensive–which it is. But it is also very smart, sophisticated, and makes cutting, insightful cultural commentary. It definitely pushes the envelope. Peter Griffin, like Homer Simpson before him, is the new Archie Bunker baffoon. And Stewie–well, don’t we all wish we had a bit of Stewie in us? Okay, maybe not the need for a regular diaper change… Also, Seth McFarland and Co watched way too much TV when they were growing up. Then again, so did I. So, frightenly, I get a lot of their bad TV and movie references. The IT guy at my company is a big Family Guy fan. I only discovered it in the past year. He can recite chapter and verse the show’s difficult history to gain ratings and, yes, respectibility. He and I also tormented each other for a few weeks with: “Did you hear?” “Hear what?” “The Word.” “What is the Word?” “The Word is …” You probably know the rest.


  5. The bird is the word! My wife hates it when I say that (which is almost on a daily basis) LOLI loved that episode. How about the “Jackass” episode where Peter is the “Greatest American Hero”? Remember that television show? I could go on and on and on and on! Have you seen the “Stewie Movie” that was released a few years ago?Mayor


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