3 Dead! 40 Injured in Car Vs. Train Accident in WC!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the sensational headline, even if the sensational event happened more than 60 years ago. The Mayor of Claycord, who also posted this on his blog, claycord.com, passed along this image of a newspaper article that ran in a publication known as the Walnut Creek Kernal.

The September 12, 1946 story says that early one morning, three men were riding in a car and with “alcohol in their system,” incuding the driver. The driver crashed the car headon into a freight car at a railroad crossing. “The impact derailed an oil car and threw it into the path of a passenger car coming from the opposite direction. The passenger engine was derailed, and jack-knifed the baggage car, turning over the coach and derailing five additional cars.” In addition to the three deaths, of the drunk men in the car, and the injuries, the accident tied up traffic on the mainline for several hours.

The moral to this Kernal story is that “alcohol and gasoline don’t mix–nor does a car mix well with a speeding train.”

Thanks Mayor for this glance back into Walnut Creek–or as the mayor terms it “NutCreek”–history.

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