The Mayor Strikes Our Community Again With This Amusing Photo

The Mayor of Claycord, the demented (and I do mean demented in the best possible sense) but dogged publisher of that wickedly wise local news blog,, rather enjoyed my post asking whether the Gilded Age is over for some Contra Costa housewives, notably those whose husbands’ portfolios once (before GEC–global economic crisis–hit) could rival those of any Central Asian or African despot.

And now, maybe these women are, like, having to put off getting their hair highlighted every eight weeks instead of every five

Anyway, the Mayor resurrected this funny photo that he says he shot somewhere in Pittsburg. He kindly passed it along to me, and I figured I’d post it.

Anyway, I don’t know about this guy, this self-proclaimed Mayor of a non-existent entity. Claycord??? Is he deluded or is he a genius? Is he a little bit of both? I think you’d have to be a bit of both to put in the kind of crazy time he does to

Hmm, maybe he is the future William Randolph Hearst of the Contra Costa publishing blogosphere. And maybe the Mayor will run for public office. The Mayor has already been drafted to run for president. I think the Mayor could give Sarah Palin a good run in 2012, and he’d have no problem squashing that Obama guy.

Has the Mayor started his exploratory committee for his 2012 presidential run? I have put this question to him several times, but he keeps ducking my inquiries. Does he have skeletons in his closet that would preclude a presidential run? All I can say to the Mayor is, if you’re seriously thinking of a run for the leader of the free world, I hear that Karl Rove might be looking for a job. At least, check out Karl’s cool website!

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