Do I Have Any Reason to Post This Photo of Jessica Biel?

Absolutely not. No, she’s not from the East Bay suburbs? And, as far as I know, she isn’t visiting our fair communities as part of some publicity blitz for whatever her next movie is

The truth is that I have no legitimate, newsworthy reasons to run her photo, other than that: 1) Her image glams up this site, in which I tend to focus on my dark, twisted view of our suburban world; and 2) a co-worker has a big crush on her.

Speaking of his crush, I’m not sure how seriously I should take it. Only a few months ago, he had a big crush on the Other Jessica (Alba). But I understood his Jessica Biel appreciation. I haven’t seen too many of her movies, and I didn’t watch Seventh Heaven, the TV show she was in, but I developed a woman-crush on her after watching the indie-romantic film, The Illusionist, in which she plays the doomed fiancee of the crown-prince of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. She is the elusive muse of a master magician, played by Edward Norton. In that role, Jessica was classically beautiful and affectingly tragic. Those eyes; those cheekbones. And isn’t she dating Justin Timberlake? Anyway, I can see why my co-worker is smitten.

Update: So, after posting this little item, I go out to the driveway, pick up my Contra Costa Times and see these headlines: “State sinking in red ink”; “Family crisis lines entering crisis mode.” I almost wanted to cry.

I tried to work out my ever growing sense of Angst and Weltschmerz by heading to the gym. While on one of those cardio machines, what do I read to cheer myself up? “Anatomy of a Meltdown,” a profile of Ben Bernanke’s handling of our financial crisis. “For the past year and a half, the government has confronted a financial debacle of unprecendented size and complexity. … In responding to the crisis, Bernanke has effectively transformed the Fed into an Atlas for the fianancial sector … making it global capitalism’s lender of first and last (and sometimes only) resort.

I wanted to cry some more.

And, I thought of my Jessica post, and how movies and magazines, especially fashion, life-style, and entertainment magazines, continue to grind out fun, fluffy, glitzy escape. Of course, I recently read in some business report that luxury fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair were really hurting, with their ad revenue having dropped somewhere in the double digits. The new January Vanity Fair, with Tina Fey on the cover, is as thin–from far fewer luxury designer product ads–as one of the Olsen twins.

But hey, here’s my bid to go the Vogue and Vanity Fair route, even though that route might not be working so well for them any more (Vanity Fair, by the way, first went out of business during the Great Depression, and if we’re in GD2–Great Depression 2). Oh well, here’s your gaze at a pretty celebrity. To my co-worker and anyone else who likes this sort of thing, enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Do I Have Any Reason to Post This Photo of Jessica Biel?

  1. Biel does it for me, screw Alba. You want a hottie? How about Reese Witherspoon!? It doesn’t get much hotter than Reece. Hubba hubba!!!!


  2. Seen the photos of Jennifer Aniston on the cover of GQ? She’s getting lots of publicity. She looks great, but I wonder if she gets more publicity for getting dumped by Brad Pitt than for her movies, which all suck .


  3. Hey Concord Blogger,Of course it was link bait, and glad you were at least in some small way amused by it. Or annoyed. I mainly did it to amuse a co-worker and friend who was so delighted to see Jessica Biel. His one remark was that he didn’t think she was so curvy. Another co-worker suggested her supposed curviness might have to do with the dress. Maybe, for link bait, I should do the Jennifer Aniston GQ cover photos.


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