In his Final Days, Adolph Hitler Deals With His Own Real Estate Downfall

Yes, any headline with “Adolph Hitler” and “Real Estate Downfall” needs an explanation.

To begin, one of my favorite films of the last few years was Downfall (or Der Untergang), a German-made examination of Hitler and Co.’s final 12 days in that Berlin bunker. It was nominated for the 2005 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film.
If you like historical drama, are a World War II buff, or if you like truly great films—and even ones with subtitles and dark, disturbing themes, as crazy Soccer Mom does—this one should absolutely go into your Netflix queue. It shows the madness and tragedy at the heart of Hitler (played by the great Bruno Ganz, pictured here) and his German war machine as it unravels within the intimate, subterranean confines of that bunker.

Fast forward to “Real Estate Downfall”: Some very skilled, culturally savvy people have taken a pivotal scene in that film, when the Fuhrer is getting some very bad news about his prospects for survival, and added their own mortgage-meltdown-related subtitles and created a very amusing, brilliantly twisted YouTube video. Unfortunately, some of us in our affluent suburban community might actually be able to identify with some of the disbelief expressed by this YouTube Hitler, especially over the downfall of his personal financial fortunes and the loss of certain symbols of his once good life (granite counter tops!). You can check out Real Estate Downfall here:

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