What? The Mayor of Claycord Ran For President? If I Had Known That …

I wouldn’t have voted for Sarah Palin and What’s His Name.

Oh, I know in previous posts I have derided the Alaska governor and recent vice presidential candidate. But I was deluded! I don’t call this blog Crazy in Suburbia for nothing!

Anyway, wish I had known about the presidential bid of the publisher of my favorite local news blog, claycord.com. I only just learned this while poking around the Mayor’s blog on where he invites political commentary. And, on November 4, I guess I didn’t look all that carefully at my ballot. I mean, I had to get through all those pesky state propositions, and then I kinda got thrown into a time warp seeing Ralph Nader’s name on the ballot for president. For a second, I thought I was back in 2000.

Anyway, if the Mayor of Claycord runs again in 2012, I’ll be in a tough spot. Especially if Governor Hottie becomes the GOP candidate. From these recent stories and blogs I’ve come across, it looks like she has a good shot:

Say it Ain’t So, Sarah, Another 30K?

Palin Files Disclosure For 2007 Free Trips, Finally

Sarah Palin: The New and ‘Explosive’ Leader of the GOP

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